Troy GMR 11-04

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  1. Went to the covered bridge out side of Troy. Weather was perfect and was really excited! First thing I noticed when I got into the water was how shallow and clear it was. I did manage to find some holes but in many instance I saw fish scattering out of them while approaching. Waded from the bridge to the south side of the island and got :S . Unless you count the popper that I found hanging in a tree that I managed to snag. I tried roster tails, shad swim baits and poppers. Nothing worked. I really kicked my self after words for not going for some live bait. Really wish I could make it out tonight but school work has me occupied:( . From the looks of the weather report, the smallmouth bite may be ending soon. So I am guessing that would leave pretty much only saugeyes for the GMR? Any advice on how to catch saugeyes or where to go? Would really appreciate it.
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    Don't feel bad, i fished the same spot recently and struck out. Its normally a decent spot, but the water is so low and fish are spooky. I tried the pond behind the UVMC hospital for a little bit on Saturday - I saw some largemouth right next to the bank.

    Saugeye seem to need some depth and current - i catch them here and there on roostertails and rapalas. I'm guessing some heavy rain would help bring some more down here from Indian Lake and Lake Loramie.

  3. The fish just aren't feeding heavily yet, it seems. In 7 hours or so on the water last Sunday I only landed 6 bass. Maybe the pressure drop this weekend may do something but I'm not going out in the cold to find out. I'm doing most all my fishing at Long John Silver's until march at least.