Troy GMR 10-14

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  1. Went down to the GMR around the 41 bridge. Fished around for about a half hour trying different lures. I finally got a SM about 10in, but for some unknown reason my pole broke. It was an old one so no big deal but this is the second pole I had break in the last week:mad: . Luckily I usually have some back ups at home. Just bad luck with rods recently, and I was all ready to spend another couple of hours out today.
  2. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Dude,you are ROUGH on poles! Hope you got a spare,TC1

  3. what brand of pole was it?
  4. I usually treat my gear really nice. I just think the fly rod was bad luck and this one was bound to happen. Its just a cheap zebco and about eight years old at that. I kept it the trunk of my car, so I think something might have fallen on it. I have already put the reel on another pole, ready for next week end.
  5. I went out to the same spot as Monday and once again had a great night. Not as many fish tonight but bigger including a couple LM in the 1 1/2-2 lb range, several smallies mostly 12-14" and 3 small channel cats(might have been the same one dumb enough to get hooked over and over). Once again they wouldn't touch anything but minnows
  6. about 6 years ago I was fishing with my dad at a lake up in cananda that was on the peice of property his familly used to own when he was growing up. we were in a small 14 foot alum. boat and a small pike came and nialed his daredevil spoon at the side of the boat. broke hius rod in 3 peices!! it was the coolest thing to see! the rod was about 20 years old and he was due for a new one anyway.
  7. Once on lake St.Clair we got into a school of walleye. We each had two poles out, but the came so suddenly my Dad could not grab his second pole in time and it was dragged down. It was really a nice pole, 1960's zebco, they don't make them like that any more.