Troy GMR 1-4-08

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  1. Hit the GMR yesterday for saugeye or just what ever would bite. Started at the 41 bridge and worked my way up to the dam. I was throwing husky jerk, rattle traps, and soft shad swims. I was completely :S , there were a number of others fishing and I didn't see any one else catch any. The river is way up and the current had a mind of its own, pulling my lures toward weed beds and sunken logs. Spent most of my time pulling weeds off my lure. After loosing a rattle trap I gave up. If any one has any tips on catching saugeye please post or pm.
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    Believe it or not, try a shad colored spinnerbait. Use double willow blades. Winter saugeye will eat them if slow rolled and it should help with your weed problem.

  3. Hi, Jake
    It's too early for rat-l-trap types that need to be retrieved fairly fast to work right. I'm going to be using plastics this weekend. Tubes, senko's, twister tails, etc all dragged, bounced and twitched slow. I fished the 41 bridge 2 weeks ago and that current is deceptively fast so you'll maybe want to texas rig with 1/8 to 1/2 oz bullet sinker(try a bead between the hook and bullet to make noise) or Carolina rig with an egg or rubbercore 18" above the bait.
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    My guess is that if we get the winter melt we're supposed to have this weekend, the GMR at the Troy dam will be up and moving.
  5. Unfortunately there's probably 50 cabin-fever afflicted maniacs who're going to be rushing that area, I think, though predicted rains may thin the herd a bit. I'm going to scout some untried areas and avoid the crowds.
  6. Ill be fishing middletown Franklin GMR Sunday morning ill let you all know how i did....
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    Just reorganized my river kit... Set and ready to roll. I just hope the river does not come up too fast from snow melt.

    Is winter almost over? :(
  8. Scott, give me a line or a call if you want some company. I'm free all weekend and can brave the rain if it comes. I'll bring my waders in case of snags but I intend to stay out of the water if possible.
    Good luck, MiniBuzz. Water temps in Middletown are on the rise so maybe you'll have some success.

    Here's temp report from Middletown area:

    And a Celsius to Fahrenheit converter if needed:
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  9. You are right about the cabin fevered maniac. I don't think I've been as excited as I was when I saw the weather forecast for the next week. The GMR area I fish is West Carrolton and Miamisburg and the LM, SM, and saugeye are what I do the best on.(Not in that order) Haven't fished for cats much but I know they are caught by the dozens some days. (Just as GMRcatman) Anyone wants to hit those areas here in the next couple of days just let me know.
  10. Thanks for the Water Temps... That site will be greatly used by me.

    Im excited to try out my new Gizz 4 , Strike King Sexy shad, and i got a new smithwick Minnow. Any advice on how to fish these lures?
  11. you might want to try using two jigs about 18in. apart tipped with wax worms
    fish them nice and slow. I usually use start out with 2 diff. colors until I catch a few.1/8oz. jigs work best for me good luck.
  12. you can fish that like a dropshot rig using a jig instead of a sinker except I'd use a plastic lure like a grub above the bottom jig instead of a second jig.