Troy dam 12/19/08

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  1. I finally snapped. My wife caught me rigging a stinger hook on the cat's rubber mouse and she took it away from me before I even made my first cast.
    Actually it's not that bad but I did go stir crazy and tried to go fishing below te dam today. I cast my husky jerk 3 times bringing in nothing but weeds before I decided the wind was too strong and I switched to a live bait rig(all I could get were tiny crappie minnows) one cast on that and I lost my rig so I turned around and went home. I got there at 4:15 and by 4:40 the temp had dropped noticeably and the wind had picked up and my hands were numb. The main reason I quit though was that the water below the dam, while way up which is good, was choppy, fast and sloppy.
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    I got out today also. Your right about it feeling cold, the wind was a bugger.

  3. Sounds like my last time out a few weeks ago. For some reason I keep going out every few weeks just to get :S :S :S
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    Is it just me or when they opened the dam to do levy repair the fishing really shut off for me anywhere I tried.
  5. I've only been fishing here since July but I've never had any luck at the dam though I've had great days on the stretch below it. I'm just not a fan of high-pressure areas no matter the catch rate.
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    This was the first good flushing of the SW Ohio river systems in a while. I hope it brought some nice ones down south like what SConner got.
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    Sorry you didn't do well Jim.... but at least you got to get out, right? This has been an odd winter so far... temps flying up and down, left and right.