Troy 11/6/08

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  1. I had a decent day on the GMR in Troy today. I caught around 15 or 20 Smallies mostly in the 12"-14" area but two at 17 and 18", 2 LM, 1 rock bass and hooked into a pike that made short work of my 6# test leader. According to a man who caught it yesterday it went 28" but I barely got a look. I saw a long flash, my bobber sank, I set the hook, my pole bent double and about 20 yards of line shrieked off my reel before it bit the hook off.
  2. TeamPlaker

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    You're killin' me Jim! Sounds like a good day... too bad you didn't get to land that Esox.

  3. SConner

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    Sounds like a great trip, I am just itching to get on the river but work seems to keep getting in my way:) . With time change, it's dark now when I get home:( .
  4. Muskie Hunter

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    Great job! Don't worry about that pike breaking off, you will get another good one soon. This river is full of 26-28" pike.

    I got to try some big shiners for them. Saturday morning, I am going to float the river 5 or so miles, and give that shiner fishing a try.

    Good fishing,
  5. Good to hear you had some luck. Really wish I didn't have work today, it looks like the last good day for a while (until spring:( ) .
  6. Does the boss mind if you come to work smelling like fish? *lol* Hopefully a decent Saturday or Sunday will be in the works for you.