Troy 10/5/08

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  1. Today was a bad day for me on the GMR. I caught 3 LM, 3 smallies and 2 bluegill. one of the smallies and one LM went about 10" the others were'nt much bigger than the bass minnows I was using. Water's getting cold. I was fine in my waders but put my hand in the water to rinse off some slime and my fingers went numb.
  2. Jim, not sure what your bait presentation was but I fished a spot in Troy today and the fish were slamming the minnows. Today was probley the best day I have had in the river this year.

  3. I was a ways below the dam floating them under a bobber with a small split-shot about 1 foot above the hook on a 2 foot leader. I've had good luck there before and with the same rig but I couldn't get them to bite on anything with any enthusiasm, lure or live. caught the best smallie and the bluegills on nightcrawler. The spot I was at has been getting fished pretty hard lately so I think I'll just have to move on for a time.

    P.S. Thanks for that info you sent
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    I'll take a bad day like that... better than getting the skunk. Nice job!