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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ChrisB, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. I have a question about when the correct time is to stock trout. I fished a few lakes and seen a number of dead ones on the shoreline and have'nt caught one. Is the water to warm? I heard form a lot of people they also take 3-4 weeks untill they start bitting.
  2. I am sure that the water is not too warm for the fish. I think most of the lakes that they are putting them in are down to 60° or thereabouts. I think you may lose a few fish to the stress of transport and perhaps those are the ones you are seeing. I went to the local stocked lake on the day that they stocked and guys were pulling them out left and right. However, I went back a few days later and tried casting a bit on my lunch hour and did not catch any. Therefore, you may be right about them taking some time to adjust. I think they were being caught good at first because they were all still stacked up right where they had released them. By now they have spread throughout the lake.

  3. Now its close to Christmas. Where did the trout spread to. Anyone know how to catch them best. Baits to locations and methods. Can you still catch them close to shore? Anyone catching? Best water temps? I live near Stonelick. Thanks in advance.
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    They bite as soon as they are in the water. The trout at Stonelick travel down to the dam after about 3 days, as they do in most lakes that stock them when a spillway with a little current is present. Deadline is by far the best way to get them. I've seen plenty of guys at Stonelick catch nothing using a bobber, while most fishing deadline catch their limits. Corn and power baits on the bottom are the most widely used baits... CATKING