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  1. I'm from navarre and was wondering if there are any places close to caught trout around me ?
  2. Kat, I don't know about now, but they do stock the canal in Canal Fulton every spring for the kids derby. After the derby, it's open fishing.

  3. Mohican would be the only other alternative that I would know of.
    Should only be a half hour ride or so for you.
  4. never really fished for them, wht would you recommed for bait
  5. I don't know if any of these are over your way or not but here the ODNR listing of the locations and dates of the Fall releases. I believe these are all small lakes/reservoirs that are stocked.

    Fall Catchable Trout Releases

    I think the many of the folks catch these on either small shyster style spinners or power bait under a float.
  6. Kat,
    lots of folks fishing that derby will use canned corn or velveeta. Our secret weapon was to do something different. Shhhhh.... don't tell..... Leeches!