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  1. Anyone catching trout at Stonelick? I know they stocked but havent tried it yet. Was looking for someplace to take my boy to 'catch' some fish.
  2. I have fished there twice since they stocked them. Have not seen any caught. Saw them jumping and swimming around the first time I went (the day after they stocked them) Went again last week and nothing. Saw a couple dead ones and that was it.

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    I drove by Lake Cozaddale today (paylake) Their sign said that they just stocked trout.
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    I absolutely slayed the trout last 5 yrs at stonelick, however, went for 4+ hours the other day and didn't even get a bite.....I did catch a channel cat on a jerkbait though :)
    I have a feeling that stonelick will not be the producer it has been in the past this year, I used to catch my limit in an hour.
  5. I went to Stonelick tonight for 2 hours. Caught a channel cat on corn, and that was it.

    If you want to hit a paylake up for trout go to Cedar Lake. Its about half the price of Cozy Dale, and Cedar Lake raises their own fish (Midwest Fish Farms) its located in Milford.
  6. Never fished for trout at cozy dale but did alot at cedar. 14 bucks for four trout was kinda steep...they did have some big ones being caught tho...
  7. Where are you fishing @stonelick i caught then on the other side of the dam
  8. where is 'other side of the dam?'
    Info appreciated, I am strictly catch and release anyway. Just like to 'catch' a few.

  9. the spilway not in the lake but the over flow part of it
  10. I might try Lake Isabella this weekend for trout. is it any good there right now.
  11. There is zero water on the other side of the spillway. The lake is low, we have had no rain, so there is no way for the fish to get over the spillway. So no fish over there.

    I used to fish Lake Isabella all the time. I have only caught 1 trout in the fall there. Used to catch tons in the spring though. The best tactic I have seen for that lake in the fall is power bait on the bottom. Come spring time though, jigs like pop eyes and mini mites work great as well as the spinners and spoons like Rooster tails and Lil Cleo's.
  12. ok this was in the dead of winter win i caught them the lake was frozen
  13. Never had any luck at Isabel... EVER. Of course never fished for catfish there. Not even a snag in that lake. Plus, hate to have to pay to fish, then catch 0....
  14. Well I went to Stonelick today. Cedar Lake is only open on the weekends now an I was unaware of this. However, Stonelick produced not even a bite. I was using Berkley Power Bait and also some night crawlers. First time I have ever been skunked at Stonelick for trout.