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  1. I am from northern ohio and get spoiled with our tributaries consisting of big steelhead and other species of trout. Are there any rivers or even stocked ponds around here that hold trout? It is approaching that time of year and rather than going home every weekend to catch my limit, is there a closer place? home is about 3hr and 15 min...anything under an hour would be great! I live in athens right now attending OU.
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    Clear creek south of lancaster is stocked every fall with brown trout.... most of them are small 8-10 inchers, but a few over summer and grow some, i've seen a couple in the 19 inch range so far, you'll also catch smallmouth bass and variuos other fish there as well.

    most of the rainbow stocking take place in the spring. Dow lake, forked run, rose lake, are close but the trout are put and take and don't over summer so you'll have to wait for spring for them.

  3. Clear Creek, a trib to the Hocking, is one of the 3 streams that OH stocks with Browns. It is the smallest, but maybe the prettiest of the 3. If you take the new section of 33 around Lancaster, there is an exit right into the park.

    The ODNR site shows stockings at Rose Lake (Hocking), Forked Run (Meigs), & Dow (Athens). If you want larger fish try the Hocking fo Smallies.
  4. thanks guys i really appreciate that.
  5. dow and rose are both pretty good if your looking for eaters, clear creek is for the most park smaller browns, you would be hard pressed to every catch two 12in browns out of that creek. I have shocked it on a number of occasions and fish it often and have only seen several keepers ever. try rose with minnows under a float, fast action.
  6. i tried looking on the website and i can't find when they stock clear creek during the fall, anyone know? I would assume sometime in October.
  7. they stock some time around that, they are tiny when they stock 4-6in, if you like to fly fish they take dry flies very well then.