Trout Stocking at Antrim

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  1. Anyone have any info on the stocking next Friday (10/26)? I have been wanting to fish after the stocking the last few times but couldn't swing it. Are they having a youth only time like they did this spring? If so, I may try to get the kids there. But more importantly, what do you use to catch them? I've heard that people just use canned corn, but I've never tried it.
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    they usually stock the place between 11am to 12pm and its best to get your spot early, its a feeding frenzy and you wont be alone. use anything from corn to minnows and powerbait works excellent. the trout will be biting for the first few hours but will receed and after that its a guessing game.

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    I was going to go last year and then my wife decided she wanted to have our baby that day. What nerve. I remember seeing it on the news between contractions and my wife said, "you were going to that? That's not fishing! Why don't they just hand out the fish?" Not passing any judgement on who goes, just thought it was a funny story.
  4. I can say it's not always as easy as it sounds. Sure corn and powerbait will work but the people leavin with their limits are mostly using minnows it seems. Berkley sells trout hatchery food imitating bait, it's like brown balls. I've heard that works well but haven't used it yet.
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    Went last fall. What a zoo. I agree with your wife CO, its not fishing. That being said, if I hooked into one that actually knew it was supposed to fight....a 5 lb rainbow would be a good time and I wouldn't complain.
    The fish are beautifully colored and I'm sure they taste alright. I'll never go to that freak show again though. Finn hit it right, better get there early or you're stuck crowding in on someone else.

  6. we should go finn..

    yeah i basically get there early to get a spot...also get crappie minnows with panfish size hooks or smaller.

    i freeline my minnows on a medium action spinng rod...
    2000 shimano stradic with magnaflex clear 4 lb test.