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  1. RamboRob08

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    Hey folks,

    Wanted to ask if anyone knows some decent trout or steelhead rivers near Barberton. I cant wait any longer for the bass... I gotta get out and do some fishing!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't know about the rivers, but they have stocked a lot of the metro park lakes with rainbows. It doesn't sound like many have been caught either. I'm waiting for the ice to melt then I'll be going to try and catch some out towards Medina/Hinkley. If you want to tag along let me know. I'll pm you when the ice breaks/

  3. Riverman

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    You need to hit the Lake Erie tributaries if you want Steelhead.

    The Rocky River is the closest to Barberton (45 minute drive) but waders are required if you don't get the real early. The flow is low and good right now and they should be feeding again! Wish I had time to go fishing.