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Trout reports?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by gmrkatman, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. If anyone can give a trout report from Rush Run, Sycamore St Park or Possum creek Metropark I would greatly appreciate it. I am not asking so I can clean up on my limit, my daughter has been waiting since march to catch a trout on her self-proclaimed "trout rod". Thanks guys.
  2. GMRKatman, Last night, our Miami Valley Fly Fisherman club had an outing on the bass lake at Possum Creek ( called Argonne Lake) and so after that near dark, I went over to the 3 lakes in which they stock the trout in and out of a dozen people, 2 had a trout, they were real nice ones, The metroparks stockes 2-4 lbers! vs the 10" fish at Sycamore and Rush Run. Each was caught with worms, but many people there compalined they had been there for the last several days and not caught any, go figure. Fish were caught in the 1 st and 3 rd lake.
    I hope this helps


  3. Thanks Salmonid. I appreciate the report, I didn't want to have to drive all over creation with a seven year old in search of stocked trout. I agree with the 2-4 pounders at possum creek, the last two years they have been consistant in their weight. My personal best (even if it is a stocked fish) was a 6pounder from Possum Creek in hte spring.
  4. Thanks for the info, do you know when they stocked the ponds at Possum creek? If they stocked recently I will probably go over there, if not I will probably try Sycamore. Never been there but I have always done decent at Possum. I will post if I go to either one in the morning.
  5. was at rush run there at 9:00 am left at 1:00 pm.caught 1 trout about 14 inches.lost 3 on the way in.was fishing with night crawler about 3 to 4 ft deep.
  6. BP20


    Two of us braved the weather to try RR after work. Arrived at 4:45, and not a soul around. My partner picks up a 11" trout on his first cast :D Now that's how you break in a new rod and lure ! In an hour he had 2 in and one lost, along with two small bass and chubby sunfish.
    I caught one nice 13" on cheese, a small cat on nightcrawler, and a nice healthy 12" LM on a spinner. :)
    Saw one other guy show up and catch one on cheese ? the first 5 minutes he was there.
    Chased out of there at 7:00 by high wind and rain.
    Might try again Sunday evening with the kids. bp
  7. Drove around Sycamore Park early this morning up and down N. Diamond rd and surrounding side roads trying to find the lake! Gave up and headed over to possum creek for a couple hours and fished the 1st pond. 1 bluegill on a popeye and WW. Saw 1 trout caught.

    Anybody give me detail directions on how to get to the lake at Sycamore?!

    Thanks in advance!
  8. Do any of you folks use flies when you go to Possum, Rush or Sycamore? I tried it once at Sycamore and got a big nothing. Are there any flies or tactics that work in these places?
  9. Gulfvet, typically when fishing to stocked rainbows, location is more key then bait, when freshly stocked, thye typically stay in schools as they have since they were born and generally stay within feet of where stocked. Another trick is once they do tend to spread out after the first week or so, is to throw streamers, bright, gawdy, flashy ones always work well and when worked fast, seem to illicit strikes from aggressive nature. Often, by Splatting flies down, will get you a strike since there accustomed to listening for feed chow being thrown on the surface to eat.
    Seldom will they rise to flies on the surface after the first week or two, however there are a few other tricks to get them but I cant give all the secrets out.

  10. My daughter and I fished Sycamore and Possum creek all day sunday without a bite from a trout. No one caught any at either place while we were there. My daughter managed a few small blugill and an anorexic bass, so the day wasn't a total bust. I am going to try rush run this week.
  11. tandem

    tandem kayak fisher

    I live in Sycamore St Park and went over saturday, lots of dead trout. Water is very warm and low there. Nobody catching anything.
  12. Tandem,

    Where exactly is the lake at Sycamore park? I drove all around Sat. morning and couldn't find it.

  13. tandem

    tandem kayak fisher

    Here is a link to a park map. It is between Brookville and Trotwood. At the moment they have a bridge out from Diamond Mill to the lake. You have to go down Wolf Creek to find Providence Rd then head east up the hill. That will take you to the park. The small lake is by the parking lot on the right. The larger lake head down the hill.