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  1. Is there a fall trout release coming up ? of is it only a spring thing
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    check the odnr website for fall stocking schedules.if they're not up yet,they should be soon.

  3. they are not up yes thanks i was hoping someone on here knew
  4. ODNR Division of Wildlife
    2007 Fall Trout Stocking Schedule

    BLUE ROCK STATE PARK Muskingum Oct 24
    LIMA LAKE Allen Oct 11
    LAMBERJACK (FOSTORIA #3) Hancock Oct 11
    RUSH RUN LAKE Preble Oct 17
    BLUE LIMESTONE PARK Delaware Oct 12
    NORWALK RESERVOIR #1 Huron Oct 11
    CROSSROADS POND Crawford Oct 11
    SYCAMORE STATE PARK POND Montgomery Oct 31
    TAWAWA LAKE Shelby Oct 10
    SCIOTO TRAIL PARK (Caldwell) Ross Oct 18
    YOCTANGEE PARK(Chillicoe Res.) Ross Oct 18
    PETROS LAKE Stark Oct 19
    TIMBRE RIDGE Lawrence Oct 25
    OHIO ERIE CANAL Cuyahoga Oct 12
    HERITAGE PARK POND Franklin Oct 12
    LAKE ALMA STATE PARK Vinton Oct 18
    ANTRIM LAKE Franklin Oct 26
    ROSE LAKE Hocking Oct 18
    GRAND LAKE ST MARYS Auglaize Oct 18
    EYMAN PARK Fayette Oct 12
    GRANGER POND Lake Oct 19
    STONELICK LAKE Clermont Oct 19
  5. cant wait for that!! normally do pretty good there after the stockin!
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    does anyone know where in the ohio erie canal that they are released?

  7. In the metropark section, near harvard road. This is a bit north of granger road by the visitor center.
  8. Well guess im out. There ait no place by me
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    Always take my kids theere when they stock it...great time for all. Usually take 2-3 of the neighbor girls too....when I can tolerate that many kids(5-8) at once. Alot of baitin' and bickerin' usually going on, but still fun to watch them catch fish. My question, is why do we (Petros) always get the 8-10 inch fish, whereas the richer area (Canal Fulton-Lock 4) always gets the 10-14 inchers????
  10. Is there a kids only time at antrim? I've been there in the past and there seems to be... can anyone tell me when it is open to everyone, i want to take my girlfriend there, she is just getting into fishing. Thanks!
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    Please help me understand. I may be wrong. These rainbows are for put/take. These are usually put in inland lakes and is not part of our normal manistee strain of stocking for Erie and Tribs.

    The part I don't understand is why stock 8-10 inch put and take fish if a keeper is 12 inches?
  12. A LAKE_ERIE "steelhead" keeper is 12" (a reg that makes sure the river released fish have a shot at getting down the rivers and into the lake)

    I believe there is no min size and a muck more liberal bag for the non-Lake Erie stocked put & take spring/fall fish.
  13. I'm looking for an answer to this one, also. I know that they had a 1 hour kids only this spring. I looked all over ODNR to see if they are doing it this fall. I've never fished Antrim after the stocking, but I would love to try to get my kids there this year.