Trout Release - it's time for that again tomorrow

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  1. Tomorrow at Belle Valley (Wolf-Run)they are letting trout loose. Man that will be a fish fest again. Every year theres a picture of people fishing sholder to sholder trying to hook them. I think I saw where theres two state lakes they will be releasing Trout tomorrow.
  2. I may go down there. I really like catching them but not big on eating them. I have a couple friends that like for me to bring them a couple each year. They sware they are the best fish they ever ate. Not sure how they fix em.

  3. whats the best rig to use for the trout release? I plan on going next Friday,
  4. You going down there Sr.Jigger??? LMAO That should be something to see!! There will a picture in the paper like last year.
  5. i'll be there....even in the rain,might not be long cause i think i have the kids with me but i'm going
  6. I've got to work Friday so I won't be there for the initial fishing frenzy but I think I'll try it Saturday. They are a blast to catch and they fight like a smallmouth. I just don't really care for the crowd tho I have met some real fun guys and heard some great BS stories. I plan on fishing a Bar-Camp Lake on the 28th with C.Beverson if I don't get down to Wolf Run.
  7. hahaha....i went down friday there was so many ppl there at 11am that you really couldnt get a i had the kids with me and it ended up raining all day so it was a good thing i decided to just go home im headed out at about 4 in the morning to go try catfishing there and then im gonna fish for trout in the day time just to make sure i get a
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    uglykat23 duuuuhhhuuuuuhhhhh

    whats the limit for trout and is any one going to barkcamp release
  9. (6) total,in your bucket or in your car or truck or in your pocket. Theres a good chance of getting checked so be carefull.
  10. the limit is only 5, as in years past. that sixth fish will cost you a lot, so follow the rules.