Trout Lottery ?

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  1. Can you still sign up for a chance to fish for the trout or is the sign up time over ? Cant find anything on it.
  2. I saw something about it on the ODNR website the other day. I clicked on it to get more info. It looked like you could still sign up. I'm not familiar with the lottery, and I was wondering what it's all about? The website didn't say.

  3. Sponge, you pay $3.00 to get an entry to fish a closed section of cold creek for some huge trout:B . You can bring a few buddies too. I entered they send you an email if you win. I'd enter for the cost of a coffee or energy drink it's worth the chance.
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    I try yearly I think of it as a $3 donation :)

    I did take a fly fishing class there, wow you couldn't believe how many fish!
  5. I entered a little while back as well. A co-worker had been selected to go up last year or the year before and said it was awesome. I am not a trout fisherman but I think it would be really cool to win and be able to take my boys up for a day.
  6. How do you apply for a fly fishing class at Castalia Fish Hatchery?? Didn't see anything about it on the D.N.R. site. The girlfriend wants to start and that would be a good place for her to learn.
  7. I have not been there so I don't know if that you get is what would be referred to as a "class" but what everyone is referring to is the drawing to fish Cold Creek right next to the hatchery. If you click on the link that Fishin' Coach posted aabout 3 replies earlier you will get to the entry screen. Click on the button for "Castalia Fishing" down in the lower right area. The details are listed on the next page.
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    Sorry If I muddied the waters...

    The first link I gave under PERMIT for $3 is to get a chance for you and a couple of friends to catch trout in Castalia's cold creek.

    The second thing I mentioned is ODNR's Castalia Fly fishing Clinic... two seperate programs. In the fly clinic you get a clinic in how to fly fish and then get to practice your skills in the creek. You can't release any and you must keep your first 3 fish... By the way if you can figure which end of the rod to hold you'll get your three fish.

    The Fly clinic is Free, you just need to send a postcard with your information and they draw from them

    Fly-Fishing Clinic

    Picture from our "Clinic" last year

  9. This sounds really awesome! Thanks for the info guys!
  10. The DNR(Dist. 3) has fly fishing clinics for ladies held on Rocky River in the park area. Someone I know took the class and said they caught some trout that could eat the ones below.
  11. When do they do the drawing for the permits to fish ??
  12. The permits to fish Castalia are to be drawn early Marhc according to the info on the ODNR site.