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  1. Where can a guy get into some nice sized trout in SW Ohio. I've heard that some pay lakes stock them. What are the techniques used in these lakes?
  2. go to rush run, they are stocked their twice a year, rooster tails or live crawlers will catch them...

  3. ceder lake in milford 513 575 0124 they haul all stocked fish in ohio. western part (odnr hauls there own. i fish sherries my self, super lake and better people. last i heard they where stocking mid-jan. stonelick stocked oct 19 , i been skunked every time i,ve been over there. where the mack is rush-run?sherries lake 513 797 5300
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    Every April ( I believe the first Saturday of the month ) they stock a certain part of Rocky Fork by the campground with trout. Its Kids only for like the first 4 hours and then anyone can fish. I usually slay the trout here for the first few days at least. If u want more info send a pm.
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  6. man than are some good looking fish.what do they like in that lake, power bait? i do my best on green and orange. got some purple at the bass pro shop. fish one lake they like jigging doll flies tip of with wax warm.
  7. I'm pretty sur Monroe is closed for the season. Isabella's last stocking was in October. It's probably fished out by now. Who else would stock trout?
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    The majority of those fish were caught on twister tails, but I catch them on pretty much anything. I like to use tubes and jigs if its not to cold, but when it get crazy cold like last year I will use powerbaits on the bottom or wax worms under a float.