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  1. Thinking of going out friday,but dont know weather to go to the rock or chragrin. any help would help. Someone told me the grand but dont know how to get there . I have a gps so if anyone has a address i could get there with that. Thanks in advance
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    The Rocky is as low as I've ever seen it. Still getting fish out of there though. Went 4 of 5 today trolling the upper stretches of the river with a little cleo.

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  4. Go to the ODNR site, Fishing, places to fish...lakes, and find the map for the Grand River. There are maps for many rivers and lakes around Ohio.

    Good safe out there.
  5. Thanks for the replys
  6. Yeah, if the weather keeps up these patterns they are going to have to rename the rocky river the rocky creek. Between the river level being ridiculously low and all the people that fish it, I am going to have to find a new place to catch some steelies this year.
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    when the rivers are super low and the fish are in they will most likely be stacked up in the deeper pools BUT I would caution you if your a catch and release person that in those conditions it will most likely really stress them out and alot of them probably wont make it after being released. This isnt a rant in any way just an opinion, in those conditions it might be a good time to take a newbie out and teach them the ropes or if you like to keep a couple that would be a good time to do it.
    good luck, i've yet to make it out this year-