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  1. i am wondering if anyone has any trout eggs, i would like to give them a try this spring, i had success on them before but only had a limited supply of them i got off a friend and would like to see if anyone has any their willing to sell, im around the youngstown area. thanks.
  2. i accually have a ton of steelhead eggs and i live in niles. they r already tied in nets and everything. right now i have about 250 tied up. i will have to talk to my bro about sellin some cuz they r both mine and his. i will have to get back at u about it though after i talk to him. how many were u lookin to buy?

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    I was wondering how you get the eggs out of the steely and what do you do with them to keep them around for later. I have never caught a female yet but hope to and dont want to waste the eggs.

    Thanks in advance

    Lima Eyecatcher
  4. Lima all i do is make a incision from the neck area of the fish all the way down to the pooper haha. then the eggs will just pull out in full cuz they are connected. after getting them out i put them in a ziplock bag and just keep them refrigerated. ive kept them in the refrigerater for as long as 2 months and they work as good as if u wud use them the next day. ive been killin fish on them this whole winter in the conny
  5. hey noon24 i appreciate it i wouldnt mind getting a couple dozen egg sacs well when you find out from your borther shoot me a pm and we`ll make arrangments to pick em up.
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    use caution :::illegal to sell them!!!! check the laws.
  7. freyed knot i did not know that. i appreciate it. ill have to check some laws
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    what do you do with the fish after you make the incision and take the eggs? toss it back or eat it?
  9. if it illegal to sell them maybe i can give you some home made hair jigs that i make myself for steelhead it would be a fair trade... just pm me noob thanks.
  10. if u really wud like to know i usually take my two females back home, fillet them, then take the eggs out. usually just cook them in butter and some seasoning. The skins pretty good too. Try it!
  11. addiction it is illegal. so yea a trade sounds pretty good. im gonna hear from my bro tommorow cuz we r goin fishin so ill let u know
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    i have some single and in roes if you would like some. Im in sagamorehills off 271 and rt. 82 if you would like to pick them up. There already cured.
  13. I have some salmon eggs, they are frozon,about 3lbs of them if you want them ,caught the fish in new york last oct. been useing them all winter and i;ve done alright.
  14. and the spread of VHS is due to eggs being infected please remember that!
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    so STEELHEADER...are you saying that the eggs from NY could be infected and he shouldn't use them here? or the eggs that these guys have been talking about could be? and are you saying if you take eggs from a fish from say, "THE ROCK", you should only use them on the ROCK? just curious.
  16. After checking with the Sandusky Fishery's Unit there is no threat of spread of VHS threw the use of eggs. Eggs from New York or any-ware else is perfectly legal and safe. Assuming the eggs are unfertilized there is no live host for the virus to survive. More false mumbo jumbo to limit the use of bait from fly guys......................Craig
  17. Thanks for the info Craig.
  18. Again the man from E.O. right on top of things...

  19. if the hen has VHS your assuming she can not pass it on to her eggs? You can use all the bait you want to I'm merely trying to shed some light on the subject. thanks for the clairification I'm by no means a purist, and I have chucked bait back in the day. I'm not trying to limit the use I did not say you cant use it! Remember all I wrote was "and the spread of VHS is due to eggs being infected please remember that!" I'm glad to see you taking the direct approach and getting ahold of the proper people to ask the right questions.

    Tom G.
  20. Go get em Tiger!!! See you soon!