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  1. i am looking for a place to buy trout eggs, not salmon eggs....i heard these work better in catching the steelhead. any ideas or info on buying these?
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    if im not mistaking, i do think it is illeagle to sell steel eggs!

  3. i believe it is, Big ask some guys maybe they have some extras you can have, or catch a nice female and theres the best bait to use
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    It is in fact illegal to sell steelhead eggs. My recommendation is to go to Gander Mt. or another bait shop that sells a product called "Sticky Eggs." They obviously don't work as well as natural eggs from a steelhead, but they are much much better than buying cured, dyed store bought eggs. They are essentially treated coho eggs that you will have to sack up yourself. They work though, at least until you catch a female...

    Other good fall baits include jig and maggot and plain old minnows.
  5. Sucker spawn also works very well and you can get them at most local bait shops.