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  2. After using nitecrawlers salmon eggs and corn with minimal results at those derbys I was told to get berkley trout nuggets. They look like little orange marshmallows and it makes you wonder what the trout are thinkin but they have out produced everything else Ive used or seen. The kids and I have done really good with those 2 years in a row. Around mid day when the sun is high and it seems like the trout all get lockjaw and wont take anything at all, then red salmon eggs and corn on the hook with a yellow red yellow red pattern seems to catch them when everyone else is packing it up and going home.

  3. This may sound rediculous but those little miniature marshmellows work better than anything I've tried. The white work better than the colored ones too. If you don't believe me, it will only cost you about a buck to see for yourself!!
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    number 12 hook, small bobber and a meal worm
  5. floating trout powerbait. the key is it must float. Use a very small size 14-16 hook that you can find in the fly fishing section at gander mtn. If you get the larger marshmellow size nuggets just use a half of one and bury the hook in it. 4 lb test. Put a few small splitshot up the line so that the bait floats about 1 ft off the bottom. If it dosent float use a larger peice of powerbait. The yellow has always worked for me.

    If you are real serious you can also chum the area you are fishing with canned sweet corn. The sound of the corn hitting the water sounds like their feeding time when they were being raised. Just don't over do it or the fish will eat so much corn they will never find your bait.
  6. I have always had really good luck with crappie minnows. We have gone to a few of the lakes in the past few years the week after they stock them and have slayed them while everyone else didn't do so well. Had a couple of instances when we would let a couple folks next to us have a few minnows and they have done well also.

    I've tried the power nuggest before, but have not done as well as minnows.
  7. Berkley makes several variationson trout baits - the nibblesseem to always work for me. I tip a light jig with them or use a small hook with a slip bobber to help it cast. Floating bait is the key to trout. Good Luck!! Don't forget the camera - we want pictures of the kids winning fish!
  8. I was in your shoes about four years ago. Carl (BigDaddy) invited my girls and I to a trout derby. I had never fished for trout before, let alone freshly released hatchery trout. He had recommended the Berkley Trout Nuggets and I picked up a jar. My youngest was fishing first and we weren't getting any bites so I switched her bait to maggots. Still no takers while Carl's son was hammering them on a roostertail I think they were getting bobber bites as well. A guy asked what they were using and Carl told them a nugget and a couple maggots. They only wanted both. As soon as I put both on my daughter's hook she got a bite and ended up catching two nice trout. Go figure. The trout wouldn't even smell our bait with just one or the other but immediately bit on both. They must give them some weird food at the hatchery. The sun came out bright when the next age group fished and the fish totally shut off. I used the same bait on a Carolina Rig and my other daughter Carly was one of the few people I saw catch a fish.
  9. at the norwalk reservoir we do really well on small spinners, panther martins, roostertails. its something to try if the bite is slow and they lose interest waiting for a bobber to go down.
  10. When my sons were youngsters, I've spent a small fortune in gas, snacks, as well as the fishing fees, to go for trout at the old Medina Fish Hatchery. The things mentioned below will all catch rainbow trout but the best thing going out there was a 1/16 oz. black maribou jig with a white head(hard to find-or make your own by painting the black head white with Testors enamel). Fish this about two-three feet under a "weighted" bobber(NOT the real large ones-Walmart and Kmart both have them). Add a few maggots to the jig, and cast it as far as you can then reel it back slowly but keep it moving. I would conservatively estimate we caught at least a ton of them over the years. By the way, this is still one of the top rigs for steelies in the Erie tributaries even today!