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Trouble with Seneca Saugeyes

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mongoose, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Is anyone catching saugeye at Seneca Lake. Caught fish earlier in the spring but having tough time now. Ive caught some nice cats and a few big crappie trolling cranks but not many nice saugeyes. Any suggestions?
  2. Lewis


    I usually have a hot jigging spoon or crankbait bite going this time of year.
    Its been a little different this year for me.
    I have had to use bait rigs such as jig and crawler or crawler harnesses to put fish in the boat.

  3. Same here. I used to get them with jigging spoons,but this year the best thing i have found is jigs tipped with crawlers or minnows. Have you tried any Whistler jigs?? They work well there.
  4. Heading to Seneca for a long weekend starting tomorrow (Thursday the 12th). My family and I take a trip there once each year, but I am very concerned because of the fish kill. I have not seen any update since July 5th on that situation has anyone else? Was it mostly limited to carp and is it still stinking real bad with dead fish everywhere?
  5. By yesterday,, looked like 6 boats on the water,,didnt seee alot of deaad fish either,,,, ST. bASS HAVE Not been hitting I hear.