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  1. Since I a getting back into fishing again I am starting to try to put together some goals. Fishes that friends have had mounted are always great conversation pieces. I have always wondered what size you should give in and fork over the money to have mounted though.

    For me...

    Largemouth 24"
    Smallmouth 22"
    Walleye 34"
    Steelhead 36"
    Bluegill 12"
    Yellow Perch 15"

    So for you... what length for each species would it take for you to send it of to the taxidermist.

  2. Gju42486

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    not really a "fan" of anything but walleye i really cant share my ideas on the other species. I have a 33 inch 13 lb 2 oz walleye on the wall now, im really looking for that 36incher 14+ lb fish for the next mount.........c'mon night bite. I think the sizes you listed are definitly respectable.

  3. I would say the numbers you put up are about what i would conseder to get a replica made, although until I get my own fishing room, probably wouldnt happen, just get lots of pics and measurements and when the time came, I might get one done. Thats the beauty of getting all the dimensions and the quality pics with it. Just remember, replicas are only 2/3rd the price, weigh half as much and are more durable and do not age like a real fish. Food for thought

  4. Any catch that is Fish O status is worthy of having "mounted" in my opinion.

    Not meaning to threadjack but, you may be able to get a Cabela's or Bass Pro "off the rack" replica for 2/3rd the price, or this gem from Global Taxidermy.


    That walleye is $286.20 plus shipping. I personally wouldn't hang that thing in an outhouse, but to an untrained eye, it may be fine. I illustrate and provide some replica insight here:
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    Good luck finding a 36 inch walleye out of Erie, they get rounder but not much longer than 33 inches, 34 would be a hell of a goal to meet.
  6. Procraftboats21

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    good luck with that 24'' largemouth too.. not saying it couldn't happen but i've never seen one. just my 23 1/2'' :)
  7. he said trophy, not fish ohio, I'll add another, brown trout stream 24in, lake run 30-32. theres a big difference between a trophy and a fish ohio, personally I think most fish ohios are a joke, if you can go catch 5 or 6 a day its not worth note. I like pics more than mounts, but good replicas look great, mostly I'm just to cheap to get a mount unless the fish was some kind of record.
    crappie 16in
    skipjack 20in
    hybrid striper 30in
    white bass 18in
    sauger 21in
    gar 50in
    carp 36in

    thats all I can think of right now
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    State record perch is 14in.
    Walleye is a high goal
    besedes that-good luck!
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    i'm not focused on a mount,but one not on the list i would mount for sure would be a 10+ pound saugeye regardless of length.they're not that rare,but still a trophy,and it's my only personal goal.
    any of the fish in the sizes mentioned would easily have state record potential,so your bar is pretty high and any would make a great mount.

    as for george's 36 inch eye,it would no doubt go in the books,but i'm with kevin,and doubt i'll live long enough to see that happen;)
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    i honestly have a real good feeling that we are going to be seeing a new state record walleye within the next 5 years. Dont ask me why i feel this- its just a gut instinct. I pulled a few nice ones, but havnt gotten that "yardstick" yet.........hopefully i still have a few years left in me and i can pull it off. Goals like this is what keeps us coming back for more, isnt it? :B
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    Is it just me or does that "Walleye" mount look horrible?

    I think your sized sound pretty good, except for the 24" Largemouth. That would be a monster for Ohio waters.
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    its not just you.....but to each its own. ;)
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    Good! I didn't see where they mentioned they wouldn't hang it in an outhouse till now. Thing looks like a Pikeeyesky.