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Trophy Rock

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Buckeyes1G, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. I bought a few of these rocks today at the ol Gander Mtn store. The guy who worked on my bow today told me he puts the rock out and sprays it hard 1 time w/ c'mere deer. I also bought some deer caine and lucky buck, i'm interested the most w / the rock, have any of you guys used this stuff, if so what's your oppinion. thx in advance
  2. Last year I put one out in around March. When I checked it in Sept. the rock was gone but there was a 18" deep hole in the ground. The deer loved it.

  3. I've used the deer caine and stump licker quiute a bit. Deer and coons love it. They will dig and lick the soil where it sits long after it's gone.
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  5. damn, are you saying the deer made that hole??? That's insane
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    If you look at the 1st pic, that is what the ground where the hole is used to look like. If you look in the background you will see a big ole tree, that is where I hang my deer cam. I have over 100 pics from this spring and summer of deer digging that hole. The first pic with the droppings it, I put out the goods 6 days before that pic. I will keep taking pics of it each week to record the progress. I have nothing but good things to say about deer caine. lol For guys that hate to spend the $, just do what I do. Pick it up from Wally world after the season is over. You will get it "dirt" cheap:D
  7. I can't say for sure but in my experience pretty much all of the deer mineral blocks will work well to create a lick.The main thing that is in them that triggers the activity is the salt. I have used them a few times over the years and the holes created were huge.
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    It should be noted that the deer will only use the "lick" during the summer if it is on the ground. I am going to try something I read about, if you suspend the minerals and let it drip to the ground they will use it year around.
  9. thx for the heads up buddy, i would much rather have 'em on it year 'round. I had laid it across to fallen trees, it will drip that way, but i think 5 or 6 feet is a great idea.
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    What I am going to do is put the "product" into a burlap sack and suspend that from a tree limb. The concept is that it puts out just enough to make them work it as they stroll by. They only really have the need to tear up the lick in the summer time when they need it in their diet. So when the soft and hard mast are ready they will stop working the lick. If you look at the photo I posted with the hole, I put that out last Oct. They never touched until this spring and look what they have done. The new spot I made last weekend has been worked. I will take pics of it each weekend to try to mark the last date they work on it. I'll hang the burlap in total different area and may place a deer cam on it just to see if they hit it much during the fall.
  11. This product is by far the best mineral product a hunter can buy. My huntin partner and I have tried several brands, even lined up a few products in a row (approx. 15ft of eachother) and the trophy rock gets muled when other products don't get touched. Another true tested product I will not go int he woods without is C'Mere Deer. This stuff is magical to deer. Spray an old stump and the deer will knaw at it for months. Mist your plot or simply spry some weeds and they will murder them! I sprayed a small pine tree once.....poor little pine never had a chance!!
  12. that's good info joe, thx
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    Although the minerals consumed by deer can be most beneficial for antler growth during the spring and summer months, they will come to mineral licks on the ground year round. We have a deer caine lick that has been well established for about 6 or 7 years now, it is about 3 feet by 5 feet and about 10 inches deep. Deer come to this year round, and we actually have had deer lay down in the lick and wallow like an elk will do. The nutrients found in most mineral suplements for deer do not only affect antler growth, but also contribute to bone density and general nutrition of the animal, this is why does visit mineral licks as well.

    The reason you saw no results until spring might be due to the fact that the deer did not find it until spring. The key to establishing a good lick is to put it in a place where the deer will find it easily, along travel roots and where deer usually spend time.

    I am interested to hear more on this suspended lick idea also, and how it attracts deer year round compared to if the same minerals were just simply on the ground, the only benefit I can think of is that your minerals do not get burried in the snow
  14. I take 5 gal. buckets and drill about 15-1/2" holes in the bottom. Fill the buckets about 2/3 full of rock salt and hang form a tree branch. Over the past 3 years the deer have dug some large holes under the bucket. Everytime it rains the water washes fresh salt into the hole. The salt will last a whole season long. I get all my trail camera pictures over the buckets (IT WORKS!)

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    I'm trying to find out what site the info came from as far deer not using the "ground" lick year around. I have a couple extra deer cams so I am thinking of trying something new. I'm going to do the bucket with the holes in it and leave a cam on it for the rest of the year. I would like to see what happens once the Fall arrives. A few things in progress right now are: 2 small "watering hole" type ponds, a few fall food plots and maybe winter feeder with corn if we get some snow cover. Any suggestions on whether I should place the plots near the mineral licks? Also wondering if I should try to place everything in the same area, meaning the small ponds-next to the mineral-next to the plots-next to the feeder. Has anyone tried this? Thanks BC