Trollmaster electronic throttle control

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  1. I am currently considering installing a kicker motor. I have
    2 questions. The first, to determine short/shaft vs long/shaft.
    How far below the bottom of the boat should the motor extend?
    The second, Can a trollmaster electronic throttle control be used
    instead of running throttle cables. I understand that the throttle
    control allows for precise motor adjustments but if you can use
    it instead of cables I could possibly use a tiller model, fold the handle
    up and away we go. I currently cant use a tiller model the way
    the back of my boat is configured (handle down would hit sides)


  2. Call Trollmaster and check if they have a unit that fits your motor as some of the older motors cannot be adapted. I have a 2006 Merc Pro Kicker, electric start tiller which I preferred as I didn't want a second set of controls.
    Ideally, the cavation plate should be even with or slightly below the bottom of the boat but will still work ifeven if a 20" shaft is used on a 25" transom. You will simply have no thrust in reverse with a 20 on a 25.

  3. Shortdrift, if your main motor broke down can you dial
    up the throttle control to run you back to shore? I have
    my eye on a couple of used motors right now with power
    trim. The way I understand it is that the remote is on a chord in
    which you can place it anywhere in the boat. Do you leave your
    tiller handle in the up position? My 1985 short shaft just wouldnt
    do without one of those bolt on plates and I dont want any part
    of that hassle.
  4. The control box of the Troll Master is on a 25 foot long lead. They are available for a very limited number of two strokes, but they have them for most four stroke models.

    It's a must have item for trollers. I'm pretty sure that if I dial mine up all the way, that I still have a little throttle left with my controls.

    I don't think ShortDrift needs to fold up his tiller handle when he trolls in his boat. It has plenty of clearance on both sides when turning.
  5. Here's their website with a list of motor/model applications. Deal with Bill at TrollMaster directly. I know of three guys that ordered theirs through Cabelas, and each one of them received the wrong one, and had to deal with sending it back.
  6. Thanks Het I'm going to give them a call on monday.
    If I dont have to run controls and still get full throttle
    in case of an emergency I think that may be the way to
    go. After all your only traveling about 5-6 mph.

    Thanks again