Trolling with elect motors on Erie?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by c75, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. c75


    Anybody else doing this?

    Talked to a guy last night, that uses a pretty strong elect motor with a couple of batteries to troll up at Erie with his elect motor, pulling his 19 1/2 ft aluminum boat....I've never did this, but am considering it.

    Now on my old boat which had an I/O, for trolling, I would put the boat in gear, and the slowest it could go was about....little too fast for the after watching some charter boats, I also decided to pull 2 drift bags on each side of the boat...depending on size of bag I used, I could pretty much stop the boat if need be.

    Looking at a new one though, not sure if I want to drop the coin on a kicker, so am considering the electric option (will get it anyway to use the boat in the smaller lakes) for trolling, as pulling those bags are tough on your cleats, and also the movement of the ropes seems to wear away at the boat vinyl/carpet/etc....

    Also thought of the trim tabs, but am going to put a ladder on back of boat so when we use it for skiing/swimming etc.... and those would appear to get in the way of that, possible damage the tabs (accidentally stepping on them).

    any input is appreciated.

    BTW, I did a catch a LOT of 'eyes pulling bags, so that factors into it as well....
  2. I am going to give this a try also next year. I drug my min kota all over Erie without putting it in, just used my gas kicker which worked great but the batteries should hold up for a couple hours anyway. can't hurt to try.

  3. chaunc

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    Didn't use it for eyes but did for perch when the bite died, and water went flat. I can troll down to 1.4 with my 50 so dont need it for the eyes.
  4. I have a 24 volt 70lb thrust Minnkota Riptide with auto steering and hand remote I can operate from the back of the boat (18' center console). Can range from speeds of 0.0-2.7 mph. Can troll all day long with no problems.

    When I first started trolling up there,I would always use my big outboard but don't now unless the waves are somewhat large (4' and above). The big motor helps with boat control in those wave heights. Looking back, I'm not sure why I used the big motor other then the fact, that is what it seemed like everyone else did.
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    Since my boat's name is Hi-Tek Rednek, I refer to my bow mounted trolling motor as my Redneck Auto-Pilot.

    At first, I would always start trolling with only the bow mounted Minnkota AutoPilot electric motor only and could get about 2 hours of quiet trolling before I would have to fire up the Yamaha T8.

    Now I always troll using my Yamaha 4-stroke T8 and use the electric trolling motor only to steer. Now the trolling motor only needs to keep the bow pointed to the correct heading and it can do so by using about 20% power and now I can troll all day and not run out of battery.
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    I have both the 101 Minn Kota EM mount that goes on my big motor that I can steer with the wheel and control speed with a dial and I also have a 101 Terrova with auto pilot, for slow speeds I use the one of the two electrics and for faster speeds I'll use my pro kicker for thrust than use the Ap on the Terrova for direction. Both work well and now that I have the I couldn't live without them expecially for night fishing and pulling spinners and super slow speeds.
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    On the Western Basin, I have read of charter captains using them to speed up their drift on a calm day, but not really using them for trolling. Then again, most of their boats are too big and heavy to get any speed out of it.
  8. I have a Minnkota 70 lb. thrust auto pilot with remote. I use it as often as possible, occasionally it's not quite enough going into the wind but not that often. It is 24 volt and I have 2 sets of batteries to troll all day. The boat is a 20' lund.
  9. look at lenco troll-n-tabs----i fished out of a bay scout with those on it---he used it to adjust the drift and came with a remote
  10. When you want to troll north on a heavy south wind I used my elect to slow me down! At times I was in reverse! Motors mounted on back:T
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    Getting ready to buy the Auto Pilot with Erie in mind. As I'm the one who usually pilots the boat, every time I go to do something/anything, the boat is doing a 180 and it gets very frustrating, so it'll be well worth it, even if just from a mental standpoint!!
  12. I use my AP bowmount frequently. Makes it easy to do "S" turns with the wrist controller and holds course while I'm busy unhooking a fish (or untangling dipsey lines, etc) ;) I often use it in shallow water night trolling, etc. where I don't want to run over fish with my kicker running. It will troll my boat up to about 2 MPH, but at those speeds, it won't last more than 2 hours with 2 Trojan SCS225 batteries. At mid range speeds probably more like 4 hours. At slow (.5-.8 MPH) speeds you can get 8 hours +/-. An inherent "problem" with the AP you must watch for is that when bobbing in larger waves, the internal compass tends to lose it's bearing, sometimes spinning wildly out of control. This can cause BIG problems...especially with 4 or 6 lines out! You get used to listening for the sound of the servo motor turning when it shouldn't to avoid a big mess. That said, 99% of the time I really like the MK AP/CP.