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Trolling/Tracking Issues With my Lund

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Backwater, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Last year I bought a new Lund Rebel 1600 which came with a 40 HP Mercury 4 stroke. I am very happy with the boat and motor, but find that the V-Hull design makes it difficult to keep the boat on course when using the bow mounted trolling motor (Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 70hp). I'm thinking about getting the Minn Kota I- Pilot System, but I'm concerned that it may not work very well with a V-Hull boat like mine. Would appreciate any input others may have regarding how I Pilot performs on a V-Hull boat. (Maybe I'm just lousy at using the Powerdrive V2 foot control).
  2. Kwall


    Put a I pilot on don't look back , you will love it

  3. Directional control should be better with the deep V Lund. The Terrova on my Starcraft 186 had no trouble staying on course. Are you using both the outboard and bow mount at the same time? If so, you may be pushing too hard with the outboard as it is best to make the bow mount pull a little. You may be a little late in directional correction also.
  4. Shortdrift, I don't use both motors at the same time. The foot controls for the MinnKota seem to be too sensitive for my lead foot - I just touch it left or right and I'm all over the place, even at slow speeds. Makes it difficult to believe that an I Pilot GPS System could maintain a smooth track, or "anchor" the boat in a stationary position over fish.
  5. Seaturd

    Seaturd Catcher of Fish

    I-pilot is the best investment you will ever make for steering an aluminum v-hull while trolling.
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  6. fastwater

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    Is the 40hp Merc pointed straight when using the TM?
    If not, your back end will try and turn in the directions your rear mtr is turned towards.
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    Sounds like your used to a cable drive foot pedal system for a front trolling motor..I find I don't like the electronic control foot pedal system as it isn't as fine and smooth as the cable controls on a foot pedal. That being said..the terrova ipilot is the better option.
  8. I have the identical boat and motor but.. I have a cable controlled Motorguide 55 lb. With the motor in the water it tends to get finicky so I pull my big motor up every time now and end of problem.
    BTW.. waiting for my new one "18" 1750 to be delivered..soon I hope. I'm putting the X15 on that one. How did you rig 24 volts on that boat,? where are you stowing the other battery? in the front storage area?
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  9. Lots of good suggestions from others as usual. I'll try pulling up the motor and see how that effects my "club foot" on the control. I added a battery up front, so I've got plenty of power for a long time on the water. Do any of you use the "unlinked" I Pilot? I've got the Garmin Echomap and would have to switch to Humminbird to use the linked feature.
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    I have a Crestliner Fish Hawk 1650 with a 60 hp. Boat came with a terrova with auto pilot. It worked great. This year I upgraded the head to ipilot for 400.00. It works even better! Didn't want to dump 800.00 for the Ipilot link upgrade.
  11. I have a crestliner Nordic 165 with a 5 hp kicker on the back and it tracks all over , like a beer can . so I put out a trolling bucket on one side or the other. besides if the kicker is moving ya along faster then the trolling motor in front it seems it would be difficult to steer and the extra drag on the front prop would run your batts down quicker??? just wondering
  12. Seaturd

    Seaturd Catcher of Fish

    My I-pilot is unlinked as I have Lowrance electronics.
  13. You will be fine all around with an unlinked Terrova and I Pilot. I have been out with individuals that spend more time fooling with their electronics than fishing. "KISS" and have a good time fishing.
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  14. Thanks to all for your advice and info. I think I agree with Shortdrift - KISS and fish:)
  15. From what I've read on all reviews (went thru lots) The remote motors with foot controls, especially the remote foot control (no wire) are very touchy and are (NOT) as smooth as were used to with a cable type control. It seems by reading the successful ones are tapping the controls instead of keeping their foot in contact with the buttons. My experience waits to be seen as well. Just look for the black Lund going in jerky fast tight circles and that will surely be me. :eek:
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  16. As long as you aren't pushing faster than the trolling motor can steer, the ipilot will steer you fine. They aren't as effective as a dedicated auto pilot but for walleye speeds Ipilot will do fine. I have both a Raymarine autopilot and the ipilot on a 20 ft. Lund Tyee. Do the ipilot upgrade and if it still doesnt work there are a few people who made "rudders" for the MinnKotas. It adds enough surface area to keep the boat straight. The electric steering is a big challenge with the foot pedal compared to a cable steered motor.
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  17. Why use the outboard if you got a 80HP trolling motor? Just kidding...
  18. Lol, I know yur just funnin me, but there is some truth to what you say. The 70HP Minn Kota trolling motor is more motor than I need to pull my little boat, but I always think more is better:) The thing I like about it is I can adjust my trolling speed way down and those batteries will last for 3-4 days without re-charge (helpful on camping trips where I don't have power). My 40HP Merc won't back off to allow me to troll at anything less than 2.25mph (into a stiff wind) and it usually runs at @ 2.5mph.
  19. Look behind you and you will see me trailing in my Red Lund, but my circles are tighter:)
  20. I have enough trouble keeping it on track just using the trolling motor, can't imagine trying to use both motors at the same time:)