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  1. Just getting into fishing from a boat was wandering what a good rod and reel would be for trolling crank baits and crawler harnesses. Will be doing most of my trolling on Findlay resevoir and Indian Lake.
  2. I had a nice detailed response typed up (including why a linecounter reel and rod length are important) but, thanks to this wonderful internet service-it got wiped out. This is a brief synopsis:

    Top of the line-Shimano Tekota Line counter reel ($160) on a St. Croix T-scopic ProGlass rod ($110).

    Mid Grade-Diawa SG27LCA ($90) on a BPS Walleye Angler Series rod ($60). These are on sale right now as a combo for about $115.

    Serviceable-Okuma Convector ($80) on a Diawa Heartland series rod ($30). The Convectors are on sale at Den's at the Cleveland Boat show this week for $45 and $50, depending on size.

    Ask away with any specific questions.


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    I've been using the same setups for the past eight years for inland lakes, and yearly Canada trips, without a hitch.

    Shimano Bantam LC1500 reel on a Falcon 7' 6" med action rod. I have three of them, and spool them up with fresh 16 lb mono each spring. I troll everything from R5 shad raps to Mepps Musky Killers. They have caught thousands of fish, from cigar sized walleyes, to 15 lb pike.
  4. Dicks Sporting Goods had a Diawa line counter reel and 7'-6" rod for $69. A very nice, economical setup for leadcore, boards, Dipsy's, bottom bouncer's and general flatline trolling both Erie and inland. Don't know if Dick's still is offering that package but you can't beat it for that price and versatility. :)
  5. I think Dicks (in Montrose - Akron area) still has the $69 deal.

    I bought the Mid Grade-Diawa SG27LCA Linecounter on a Cabelas 8'6" rod for about $100 last year. I'm happy with reels. Flawless drag operation! no issues with linecouting. Long term, the mid-grade stuff with a couple bearings should outlast the entry level stuff with bushings. The medium rod bends quite bit when i use dipseys, but just right for trolling cranks, as expected.