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trolling rod holders???

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Gju42486, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Gju42486

    Gju42486 Banned

    looking to get some new rod holders for my boat- im looking for a set of 4 holders per side that adjust so i can run planer boards and big dipsies, i was looking at the big jons but i hear they are not spaced enough for good separation, cisco's would be awesome but i just cant drop that much $$$ now, anyone have any good recommendations on a solid holder that wont break the bank- i can get the big jon's for around $190 a side including the 4x4 plate for mounting, anyone have any other ideas or suggestions? id like to keep it around $200 max per side.
  2. Look into Tite Lock triples. Should be able to get them for $120 a side. I have them on my boat and they do everything I need.

  3. Gju42486

    Gju42486 Banned

    thanks shortdrift, ill check them out, i was hoping for quad holder, but will settle for a triple if i had to--do the titeloks come in quads?
  4. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    Yep, they make a 4 banger too, but you'll probably have to go with a track setup...! Check out Captains Gary's they have a really good selection plus they will ship the same day. ;)
  5. Workdog

    Workdog "One More Time"

    Yep, I said that. The BigJons come with only 3 1/2" spacers between the pole holders. I wish they would space them out more. Cisco pipes are about 9" on centers if I recall correctly. I called the BigJon special orders guy, and he sold me two longer rails, and pipes for cheaper than I seen them in the stores. I routed pieces of starboard for spacers in the tracks between the pipes. I'm using 5 3/4" spacers for 8 1/2" on-center pipes and that seems like good spacing to me. Also, you might consider two bases per rail if you are going to run 4 pipes. Lots of strain there.