trolling plates?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Gju42486, Dec 4, 2007.

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    just wondering if they are holding up to all hype? I currently dont have one on my 24ft thompson, but depending on the response i may end up picking one up and trying it. Just wondering the pro's and cons, i currently run 2 drift bags off the beam when trolling and have no trouble, will the trolling plate allow me to eliminate the bags? Lets hear the oppinions :) engine is a mercruiser 4.3 v6 175 horse i/o
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    Don't fix something unless it is broke.

    The bags won't break. The plates will. Eventually the plate is going to bend (IMO). For me it was the Happy Troller = 1 season.

    This year I use bags without any issues except for the occasional spoon that gets tangled in it:D

    Sometimes 1 bag...with slow idle, sometime 2 bags with slightly more throttle. Pretty versatile for me.

    Unless you have issues, I would not change. Save the 100 bucks and buy some spoons.

  3. My thoughts exactly. broke a plate in less than one season. also we lost a great deal of control with the plate. went to bags and love them.
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    Attached is a link on this topic as it was discussed in another thread a while back. I also attached a link to the plate that I have on my I/O, it's called the Beavertrol and it is awesome, I can't imagine trolling in my boat without it. With a touch of a switch at the helm I can adjust the plate up and down to within .2mph. No more adjusting the throttle. I get my 24 ft. boat (260 HP engine) down to 1.0 mph when the seas are calm. If it's choppy out I throw the two bags out and then adjust the trolling plate from there to get the speed I want to target. If you have the money get the beavertrol, this plate is made from a casting and will not break / bend by forgetting to put it back up, the boat just won't go anywhere very fast.:)
  5. Krusty are they still making them? I just read on another site they went out of buissness?
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    "Sorry, We Can't Find That Page"

    I don't have one on my I/O. From my nearly 4 years on the Iboats forums I can say that I read of them causing more problems than they solve. How about a broken cavitation plate on your drive?
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    I had one on my Thompson. I think it was a Happy Troller, or something like that. It was a major PITA. I had to have it welded twice, because I would forget to lift it, and take off, and it would bend, tear, or rip. It was also a manual release, meaning that you had to tug on a rope to get it to lift. It would never work properly, and I would end up hanging over the transom, and sticking my arm in the water up to my shoulder to get it to release. I removed it after one season.

    There are probably better ones available, but mine was junk.
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    I'm glad I just boought a Happy troller now!! Hopefully I'll have better luck with mine.
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    Maybe some preventive maintnence on your plate, like some flat brackets...Just a suggestion.

    I did notice when it is in the up position my 19' fish/ski boat planed better and faster with it compared to not having it. That was a good thing.

    Good luck.
  10. K gonefishin

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    Stick with the bags.
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    i have been using the happy troller for 5 yrs now and it has worked well on my 40 hp. i recently put another notch in the plate to allow more speed while trolling with it. it was eating a lot of gas at high idle even to troll at 1 mph.have yet to forget to raise it and it is a pita to operate it .i kept getting the strig caught in the prop ,but fixed that problem with a steel rod up the backside of the motor.i only have it on the boat till late june ,when i cant raise my speed to troll without it.
  12. I ran one on my boat this spring. I really liked evreything about it. It was actually easier to control the boat with the plate down, than with the bags out. After prefishing for a tourney in some nasty waves, I noticed that it was starting to crack. I never forgot to put it up or anything,I am thinking that troughing the swells and dropping off the backside of some big rollers put too much pressure on it. I took it off and had it welded up and actually reinforced with some aluminum round rod, the guy who does my aluminum work is awesome. I reinstalled it and went fishing 2 days later. Well I must have not put the keeper pins and springs back together correctly, it is now on the bottom of erie somewhere between mazurics and th eloading dock on the west side of kellys. If I do not have a kicker by spring I will have another one on my boat but I really hope to have it kickerized!
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    Put the trim tabs down and bags, you'll crawl
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    Here is the link (this one seems to work for some reason) and Papascott may be correct, Irv may be out of business. I sent him an e-mail to get the details. I will let you know if I get a response. It's a shame if he is out of business, great product imo.
  15. I had an automatic one that was on a spring. I knew I would forget to lift up a manual one so this was spring loaded. Jig and I were netting a fish by the West Branch dam tower at night and when I looked up we were being blown into the buoys. I reached up and put it in reverse to back out and gave it too much throttle. It sucked the damn trolling plate right into my prop. Bent the prop and broke a piece off the cavitation plate. I have bags now and love them.
  16. Krusty check out There is a thread on them on the ask a pro page. Seems that Irv died a few years ago and noone took over?
  17. krustydawg

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    I read the thread and it sounds legit. Man that sucks, I can't believe someone did not take that business on. They are pricey, but as mentioned in the thread the beavertrol is the ultimate in precision trolling if you have an I/O. Knock on wood nothing goes wrong with mine, I'm sure replacement parts are hard to come by.