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  1. Has anyone used a trolling plate? Is it hard on your motor? I thought it may be a less expensive fix until I get a kicker. Any suggestions and expiriences would be helpful.
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    My buddy and I fish out of each others boat. He has a plate, I have bags. He likes the plate, I like the bags. lol The plate works but if it is a little rough the boat is very hard to control. Forget about turning into the wind. He has forgot to pull it up a few times and the plate is starting to crack on both sides. He says he is going to bolt an extra piece of steel on it. A kicker is the best choice, but if you can't swing the kicker, I say go with the bags. About the same price as a plate and makes the boat much more stable and quite easy to control. If you troll downwind you barely have to steer. It's almost impossible to take off without pulling the bags in. And if you do, so what, no damage done. You will know immediately.

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    i use the happy troller plate and like it . have never forgot to put it up yet in 4 yrs. but i do run a 40 hp tiller. i take it off when the trolling speed goes up to 2 mph.
  4. I had a Happy Troller plate on my old boat, and actually had two sizes. I used the large one for spring and fall trolling to get the speed down, and the small one for summer speeds. My old boat was a 19' with a mercruiser I/O 120 hp. Just like any other fishing tool, once you learn to use it, you'll ask yourself why you didn't use it sooner.

    Now I have a newer boat with a kicker so I have the plates listed on the OGF Marketplace forums.

  5. thanks for all of the suggestions. I didn't think about turning into the wind. That could be a problem. I think I'm just going to have to break down and get a kicker. I am going to have to move my swim platfrom over to the starboard side so I can put the kicker on the port side. More work more money!
  6. ran trolling plate onlund 1800 w yammy did ok sound just like you broke down bought kicker do yourself a favor buy new not used have it installed trust me may cost alittle more but worth it
  7. Oh I will buy a new one for sure. It's a brand new boat with not even 5hrs on it yet so I will have it installed so I don't have to mess with it. When you spend all that money on a kicker it's worth having it installed.