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Trolling Plate Question?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by ohiojmj, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Trying to pick a trolling plate from Cabelas for my 2003 40 hp Merc outboard. I don't want to drill holes in my shiny almost new Merc. Which trolling plates simply bolt on? Which operate well? Which do not get destroyed when the operator screws up (I'll be buying a box a shear pins).

    My 16' Starcraft deep V idles at no less than 2.5 mph which is a bit fast in the spring. The 3 cyl runs smooth as silk, just too fast.

    Any info appreciated!

    Say Shortdrift, you offered one to me last year if I recall. If you got one to sell now, let me know. I'm in nearby Fairlawn.
  2. Don't have a trolling plate. I have the hydo fin, two piece that requires drilling. Would add mph to your rig.

  3. Why not get one of the amish trolling bags instead. Lots of guys on WC swear by them. Best of all,no drilling. I believe can be used for drifting also.
  4. I figure a trolling plate is much easier. Pull a cable here and there instead of dragging one or two bags in and out of my small boat. I tried one drift socket and you really need two for balance. Trolling plate much easier.

    Do all trolling plates require drill holes in my Merc?
  5. Yep, will get over it after the first one. :D Bring it over and I'll drill it for you. :cool: That way you won't feel guilty and be able to sleep at night. :p In fact, I'll even drill a couple extra holes just to remove any feelings you might have left. :rolleyes:
  6. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I've tried two different trolling plates in the last couple of years. They are miserable. Both of mine were high dollar models, and both gave me fits. Nothing like reaching down up to your armpits in late March to manually release it after it fails.

    After getting rid of them, I tried a five gallon bucket tied to a rope off of a cleat. It did the trick. Throw another one off the other side if you can't get down to your desired speed. Before I added a kicker motor to my glass 20'er, that bucket was the difference between going home with clean ice and my day of limits on Erie.
  7. One thing about the bucket brigade method, if I screw up (not sure why I said IF) and hit the throttle, I'm only out a couple cheap 5 gallon buckets. I've already shredded a $40+ drift sock.

    Thanks for the swiss cheese offer Shortdrift.