trolling motor ?

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  1. hi aLL, finaley got my boat in the water again an my old trolling motor just don't have enough power.
    boat is a 14 1/2 ft starcaft deep v fishing boat/johnson 9.9, old trolling motor is a minn kota 24# thrust(old close to 20yr)
    my ? is would a 36lb thrust be big enough or should i go with the 55#thrust.
    boat is used on the ohio river under nomal pool an tappen/peidmont/clenden
    dicks has minn kota endura model 36#thrust after rebate an coupon $119,an the 55# thrust final cost is $ bigger always better lol:)


    if it was me i would go with the 55# if u can afford it

  3. bigger is not always better, but I think num is right , and if you can handle the weight, 24v last long than 12v.
  4. got the minn kota 55#thrust 36'' shaft:)
  5. I would think you'd have to take into consideration of how much weight is in the boat as well as the weight of the rig itself, motor included. Going from a 12v to 24v adds another battery, on top of what the current weight load of the boat is already. Fighting wind and current conditions doesn't help either, and running any electronics, live wells, etc etc on top of all that only increaases the workload on the batteries. I've found that by removing un-needed tackle,reducing cooler size and minimizing use of electronics, closing off livewells when not needed helps the overall performance of my TM greatly!
    Guesstimating that liquid weighs approximateley 8lbs per gallon, times how many gallons of fuel, oil, livewell capacity, ice cooler capacity, plus overall tackle weight, souls on board, and weight of the rig, the numbers can really add up quick. Hope this helps.
  6. The 55 should suite you well...good decision.

    For what its worth....the 65 minnkota on my rig came set up for 24 volt. Has worked great for me. Fish two days back to back without recharging. (16.5'Crestliner40 hp)