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  1. I have a 14' john boat with built in decks, livewell, and 6 hp outboard. I am going to Bass pro shops next weekend and they have this motor on sale for $119. Would this be a good motor or would i be better off spending more money on a better one? Im trying to save as much as possible and get the boat set up then maybe up grade it a little over the next couple years.
  2. I had about the same kind of boat you are talking about and had a 40lb.thrust motor on it and it did a good job for me. The one you are looking at should be more than enough.

  3. Yeah i am planning on bow mounting it. what is involved in rotating the head? I have never had a boat before other than canoes so this is kind of new to me.
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    That one for that size of a boat will work great. 45 lbs. of thurst will move you real well. For $119.00 you made a good choice.
  5. Before I got a foot-controled motor I used a hand control one. You take the bolt out that holds the head on the shaft and just spin it around and put the bolt back in. I also used a bigfoot switch so I didnt have to bend over and turn the motor on and off with my hands all the time.
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    The price is hard to beat. It should work fine as the bow mount, but you might want a little more thrust if you plan on using on the transom at some point.