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trolling motor sizes?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by jshbuckeye, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Have a 19 foot blue finn that im looking intop getting a trolling motor for. It is alm with a 100 horse mercury was wondering what size trolling motor i should be looking at for this size boat wanting it to handle the wind and maybe a decent walleye chop on the big pond. Leaning towards the 80 lb thrust Minn Kota.
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  2. I'd honestly recommend a 8 HP or 9.9 high thrust gas kicker for trolling on Lake Erie. If you go 80# 24V electric and use a pair of group 30 DC batteries wired in parallel on a 5 speed setting (1.5 MPH +/-) you will get approx 5 or 6 hours of continuous use. With a gas kicker you will be able to troll down to .8 mph (lower with drift bag) and 3 MPH+ if you choose (up to about 6 MPH). If you are going electric, I'd go 65# min and max out if possible (80# MinnKota AP).
    Forgot to say that I've had the MK 65 AP on my last two boats. Great TM, but could use a bit more thrust for a 19 or 20' boat. I used to use the AP to assist in directional trolling, s-turns...nice when netting a fish, etc. Now I pretty much use the gas kicker tiller except at night when being a bit more stealthy in shallow water and often at slower speeds than daytime trolling.


  3. i was hopeing to be able to troll with the mercury and the 80 lb thrust trolling motor will be used mostly for musky casting at alum and maybe holding a position for a minute or two on erie at best dont know what this mercury trolls down to yet but judgeing from dragging baits only twice so far i think it will get down to the slooowwwwer range fairly good. Hopeing to avoid the 9.9 kicker. So i guess i need to reword my question will the 80lb thrust minn kota be ok basically for casting purposes on the inland lakes.
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  4. I have a 84# thrust 24volt MK on my 18ft Lund and it does a good job. I troll with my 115 Merc 4 stroke but use the MK if I want to get below 1.5 mph. I also have a kicked 9.9 Johnson which has come in handy as an emergency motor as well as for trolling. I would like to get the 9.9 off the boat but it is a great safety motor when on Erie.
  5. I will help you take that motor off.:D I can guarantee it will never again be in your way.:D
  6. UFM82

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    I read above toolman said parallel. If you want 24V out of two 12V batteries, they have to be wired in series. Search for the diagram that someone posted here. It will tell you what to do.

  7. Off the subject here but what kind of top end do you get out of your 18 footer and 115 4stroke? How do you like that motor? That combo could be in my future thats why I ask. Thanks.
  8. I get 43 t0 45 (GPS speed) on a smooth lake. The 115 four stroke is a fantastic motor and is more than adequate for the 18ft Lund fully loaded with gas (35 gal), trolling motor 24 volt, 9.9 electric start Johnson, two men with all their gear plus all the other assorted items like safety gear and anchor.
    The worse I have been out in so far is capped 6 footers and the motor had plenty of power to keep you safe and under control. I really like how quite it is as you can talk and be heard without shouting even full bore. The economy is also very acceptable. I can troll with the 4 stroke and burn less gas than the 9.9.
    I would recommend this boat/motor match to any serious Erie fisherman.
  9. my neighbor has a 4 stroke honda and it is a sweet running motor and quiet is almosty an understatement for them his trolls down real nice and he loves the fuel economy it gets. I wish i could sell my mercury and buy a 4 stroke but i dont see that happening.
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