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  1. I want to purchase a trolling motor that would be the best fit for the row boats you can rent at Hamilton County parks and other state parks w/10 hp or less. I will be fishing with my 2 younger sons, so cost is not too big of a problem. Just a motor that will fit all or most boats with ease of use and handling. Thanks alot!
  2. I have a 36lb thrust min kota transom mount on a 16' aluma great, actually mounted on the side of the bow with the help of a small block of wood. Battery lasts about 12 hours of good fishing and has plenty of power.

    one thing to keep in mind is how long the wires are and where u will have to put the battery - mine is in the back of the boat with a heavy duty set of 14' jumper cables ran under the seat to the motor...been working great for 3 years! My son also loves to "drive" the boat and is getting pretty good with it.

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    Since you'll be driving the boat from the rear. The flat bottomed boats at Winton Woods will do fine with the typical 12V motor. I would go with the Maxxum 40T. Buy a group 27 size battery with a reserve capacity of 180 minutes or so and you'll be able to fish all day on the charge. You won't run at full all the time and the Maximizer won't drain your battery like the smaller non-Maximizer models do. That's about $300 most anywhere you look. It'll work the best for you IMHO. Or, go with the 55T for an extra $60. That;s even more thrust for a few dollars more.

    Either would be my choice for a primary propulsion source.