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  1. Ah yes more trolling motor questions, I bet thats everyones favorite time. :)

    Im debating on what to get for my boat. I want something that can be used on electric only lakes....nimisilia for example. I have a 16' aluminum bass boat. I already have a motorguide on the bow an works just fine for calm water and trolling the shore line while I fish. But when I take this to nimi and the wind/current is going pretty good i can barely move around.

    I have a few questions and hopefully you guys, being the fish gurus can answer them for me.

    First one is about a minn kota 40 lb bow with a 44'' shaft. Would this push my boat an be a decent means of travel on electric lakes? And is $300 a good deal for one... a 2003 model?

    If not, would a transom 55lb be better for electric lakes? Also if I do get the transom is it ok to mount it next to my motor? Or should I remove the motor and mount it directly in the middle?

    I know lots of questions, sorry im fairly new and have caught the fishing bug... so to speak. Cant stop thinking about what im going to buy next:) .
  2. I've got a 17' Aluminum Bass Tracker with a 43lb thrust. It works great, but if you are using it to get around electric only lakes I would recommend getting a little higher thrust than this.

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    If it were me, instead of adding another trolling motor to the transom and having the add'l wires etc. I would just replace the one you have on the bow. I would buy at least 50 lbs. of thrust and back that up with a dual battery system either 12 volts in parallel or 24 volts, depending on the motor.
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    ive been having some questions of late myself. i do know a trolling motor will pull your boat alot better than it will push. i have the same issue about power, i have a 17 ft basstracker and it has the factory 43lb thrust motorguide. it has no give to it, no breakaway mount and no flexable shaft. i was thinking of buying a 55 lb thrust to help pull the boat on windy days.minnkota has a nice mounting system and flexable shaft.
  5. "Also if I do get the transom is it ok to mount it next to my motor? Or should I remove the motor and mount it directly in the middle?"

    Note that depending on the lake, you may not be allowed to have any gas motor on the boat.

    I just got a 80# thrust for my 14.5' boat. It moves it around nice. I'd recommend going bigger if it's your only motor.
  6. Yeah thats what I heard, but nimi you can take your motor out with you just have to keep it up. 80lb for a 14.5 seems like a lot of thrust. If I put a 80 on my bass boat I would fly lol.

    Im thinking im going to get the 55 lb bow fix and get rid of my old motorguide. Ive seen them on sale for $461 seems like a decent deal unless someone on here has one for cheaper.
  7. I had a 55# and it wasn't fast enough for me. I use my boat for duck hunting too, so I wanted enough power to push the boat almost fully loaded, with a winter wind. The 80# doesn't even compare to my 9.9hp. I wish it did ........
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    all i can say bout trolling motors is i have a minnkota 55lb thrust for my 12 foot aluminum boat and it pushes like a dream. lol picks the whole front end up i love it, course i never had a really nice boat with a motor on it to know the difference.