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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LakeRaider, May 11, 2008.

  1. LakeRaider

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    I am rigging a Hurricane deckboat for fishing (the usuable area and ride is great) and I need to put some type of remote trolling motor on the rear of the boat . There is no room up front due to the design of the bow(windscreen). I have read lots of reviews on the minnkota powerdrive. Everything from too noisey, to very hard to retract, to the foot pedal is award to use. Anybody here use one? Whats the real story? Thanx, Raider

  2. LakeRaider

    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Thanx. I looked at those also. I need a remote or wireless I can steer with from a forward fishing seat. Raider
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    well,the powerdrive should work great then.i've had 2 of them(1 on each boat) and i've never had a problem with either(knock on wood!!).some guys have had trouble with the foot control when they get wet though.
    my daughter likes the front swivel seat but won't run the trolling motor so i just put the foot control in the back with me.
  4. LakeRaider

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    Thanx, I,m going to buy one and give it a shot! Raider
  5. I have had a 55 power drive and it works very good on my 18'5" fiberglass i/o It is a little bit of a pain to pick back up but I think they would all be to one degree or another....also, if you need a remote, I think you can buy that co pilot and install it right on the motor and then it has a remote control which is probably easier than the foot pedal
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    A MX765 ( I think that was the number) that was a 36lb model that went with my SeaNymph when I sold it. It met most every stump in a lake in Michigan and shrugged them off. The second owner apparently liked it as well. Noisy? Slow? Hard to stow? Maybe for some but not overly so for me. I liked it enough to buy a big 70lb 60" shaft model for my ProLine and I LOVE that motor. Power to spare, quiet and strong. And unlike others here, my foot pedals have never given me an ounce of trouble. As for steering the thing, I do turn the pedal 90° so it's more like a cable-driven motor but that's the only thing I would change. I like them.

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    thanx guys! I really appreciate the replys. I have been toying with this deckboat for a year to convert it to a multi purpose boat. Once I get it back in the shop I will get some pix of this deckboat. I want something no one builds. Something totally convertable. I don,t know if anyone has had a Godfrey Hurricane deckboat but it got me thinking again about a boat that can do everything from fishing multi species to cruising to performance. I know you can buy a deckboat setup for fishing. This is an older hurricane that I want to do everything. A one off fishing boat AND a screamer.
    They quit making this particular hull years ago but it has classic lines and looks. Its a tri-hull that runs exceptionally smooth. Handeling and planinng speeds are very efficient. zfish has been on this boat for a long ride on the river and he can attest to the smooth ride. I beleave this 17 ft boat will handle 200 hp easy. Only thing we have experianced is the boat hates to turn at speed if its trimed to low in the water. Wants to hook bad and try to spin out. Unfortunatley Red was in the boat the day I hooked it and spun it in a sharp turn on Tanners. First thing she said was,(get off the down trim and sticking the hull in the water! Let her slide thru the turns) ). And I mean it hooks and turns NOW! And that was with a 90 hp Merc. lol More hp ought to cure that problem. Raider:)