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  1. Anyone know anything about the Bass Pro Shops® Prowler™ T55/40 Trolling Motor? I know that its a Minn Kota but other than that, does anyone know anything about this motor.

    Looking for something reasonable for boat rentals with my girls this year. Thanks in advance!
  2. Are you sure that's a Minn-Kota? I've never known Minn-Kota to use an aluminum shaft. It would probably be OK in a pond or lake but I wouldn't use it in a river.

  3. Minn-Kota hasn't used stainless shafts since the early 90's. Its probably a motorguide since they've got a deal with them anyway for ALL tracker boats.
  4. saw a forum on that stated these were manufactured by Minn Kota to BPS specs...
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    I have a 50lb thrust mk endura, 5 speeds, use it on the flatbottom jon. even took it out on the musk, last summer, runs great, ran it all day on 3-5 speed at veto lake and no problems on the battery. And thats with 2 coolers 2 men and a crap load of gear. (lets just say we didnt have much anywhere to put our feet.
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    I had been looking at the Prowler bow mount and could not decide if I wanted to take a chance on a motor with no track record. After much reseach I found most are happy with the Bow mount 55/42 but its only been out there a year or two. There was a problem with the transom mounts, the gear on the handle that sets the speed was stripping with hard use or abuse.
    That has supposedly been corrected in the later models. BP was running a club member sale and I was able to purchase the bow mount 55/42 for a tough to turn down $255. It is being shipped from another store, after I run it a couple times I will post an opinion.