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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by traphunter, May 25, 2007.

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    Last week I was going through some shallow water with my trolling motor and hit a stump which knocked off my propeller. Does anyone know where I could get another prop for my motor? I have contacted minn kota but have yet to get a responce. It is an older model so I dont think that they make them any more. I just need some ideas. Thanks


    have u measured across the hub to see what size the hub is? u might be able to still get a prop, it might be a newer model prop available for it

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    To bad you dont have a Motor Guide. I have 4 or 5 props laying around. You could probably pick one up on ebay. Walmart might even have one
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    If you know the model number of your Minn Kota troller WalMart generally has them, follow this link to the Minn Kota prop chart. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to view the chart or a program that allows you to view pdf. I'm guessing but the most common prop for Minn Kota's is a MKP-2 but they have all their props listed.
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    Alright thanks all for the suggestions. I never even thought about Ebay. Thanks.
  6. Had the same problem with an older 55D model, found the prop for it on the outdoor superstore web sight they had several older model props, I got an aluminum one for less than $20.00 shipping included.
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    trap,i'm almost positive that i have one from my older minn kota still in the package at home.i'll check on saturday morning,take a pic of it and if you can use it,you can have it for free.
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    You guys are absolutly awesome and so helpful!!
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    The hub diameter is 3 5/8 inch across. It is a power max 52.
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    trap here's a pic of the prop and one of the different model numbers it will fit.
    this prop mounts with a cotter pin that goes through the prop and the motor shaft.hope this'll work for you.

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    Man I dont think that one will work. Mine is bigger then that. I really do appreciate you going out of your way to look though it really shows how good of people we got on this site. I found one on ebay so hopefully that will work. Again thank you so much for even looking.
  12. Try Kipawa Propellers. I won a few of these in tournaments and they work great. They increase your battery life and speed. Nice guy and very helpful. He's out of Eastlake. He has 5 propellers that will fit over 150 electric trolling motors from models manufactured over the past 30 yrs. He should have one that fits. Hope this helps

    Here's the link
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    well,if anyone else has a need for this prop let me know.