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  1. i have a quick question for you guys about connecting batteries to a trolling motor. I'm thinking about putting a trolling motor on my canoe and i'm worried with me, the motor and the battery all in the back, it will be to backheavy. Is there some sort of long connecter cables i could get so i could put the battery in front? Also, how much thrust do you think I'd need to puch a canoe, would 30 lbs. be enough, too much?
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    get some 6awg stranded wire to extend the wires the distance you need to go. find the right connectors for the ends to connect to the battery and you should be good to go. i would get some automotive flex loom (conduit) to run the wire to the front to protect and keep it neat. make sure your splices and connections are good and secure, ad some electrical tape to help protect and secure and you should be fine.

    as for 30lb thrust that should be plenty of power, wont pull any skiers but you should scoot pretty good.


  3. I have done the same thing that you are trying to do. I used 10ga wire instead of 6. 10 is heavier than what is already on your trolling motor and the distance to be covered you will not lose any power. 10 is also cheaper than 6. I use liquid electrical tape on all of my joints and then put regular electrical tape over this. Lay your canoe down on its side and put a line of silicone caulk just under the rail. Take the wire and lay it on the caulk, once it has hardend the wire will stay there. 30lbs will do the job.
  4. Instead of messing with electrical tape for the connections between the two wires, buy some shrink wrap for it, and make sure you slide it down the wire before you connect them. I would use a butt connector to connect the wire. Then take a torch or heat gun and heat the shrink wrap and the glue will water proof it and you won't have to worry about corrosion or the connector giving way.