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  1. I'm just now able to speak of something that happened this past Sunday. Sunday seemed like the first official day of fall, because finally the weather dipped into the low 70s. After many triple digit temps, It just seemed (to me) like the fall feed-bag was on. So, after hearing many rumors of alleged nice fish being caught, i decided to venture to lake vesuvius.
    I quickly shoved the boat off the trailer, jumped in, and lowered the trolling motor into the water. I stepped on the pedal, but the trolling motor didn't move..... I forgot to connect the wires to the batteries! So, as my boat's drifting out of control, I'm trying to get these wires connected so I can use my trolling motor (I couldn't fire up the outboard, its electric only). I finally connected the batteries, plugged the cord into the receptacle, and the receptacle and wires started smoking and popping! Apparently I plugged it in incorrectly. (If you're not careful, it can be plugged in at different angles) On this day I rushed and fried the cord...
    So, I had to load the boat up and go fishing. Get this, as I was waiting on the truck, an older fellow fishing from the bank yells over, "Eh, you have boat trouble or sum'n, have to load 'er back up an leave, can't go fishing??" Yeah.....
    Anyhow, I need to get this fixed asap...and I'm doing it myself. Bass pro shops has several on display---a bit more pricey than I expected them to be. So, I need to shop around, but, before I do I'm looking for suggestions on selecting/ replacing this outlet? cabelas? anyone other stores? any help would be much appreciated....
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    not sure what it is you need ,but try

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    You should have told him No, I already caught my limit and I am heading home!

    Some people have a wonderful grasp of the obvious...........

    Not sure what to tell you about the trolling hook-up issues but I hope you get it worked out ASAP!
  4. They sell trolling motor plugs at any boat shop, also Gander Mtn has some. Sounds like you need to add a circuit breaker while your at it.
  5. Deffinitly need a circut breaker or fuse. Did it fry the wires in the boat or just the TM plug. If it fried the wires in the boat what size trolling motor is it (Or how many amps does it draw)and how far do the wires have to run between the battery and the plug. Find this out and you can find out what size wire you need. Tape new wire to old wire and pull out old wire and you should be able to rewire trolling motor circut without much trouble. (I would do this anyway, if it got hot enough to melt the plug and exposed wires, the wires in the boat are probably messed up as well.)
  6. good point... you answered a question that has been on my mind. The cord on the trollling motor, (the part that plugs in to the receptacle) melted from the plug to about 6" down the cord. The cord has an inline fuse, which stopped the "sizzle" at the fuse. So, I think I need to put a new fuse in, along with a new cord and plug.
    I tried to remove the receptacle, to inspect the wires running from the battery to the receptacle, but I can't get one bolt out. So, until I get this bolt loose, I can't remove the plate. I suspect there's a nut attached to the rear side of the bolt preventing me from taking it out any further. I might have to break something removing the plate.

    1. Is it possible that my batteries may have been damaged?

    2. I'm hoping my trolling motor isn't fried....I guess that could have happened. I hope the fuses protected the motor.
  7. If you have a 24 volt system and a bad battery it will melt wires. I had this happen on my boat when I purchased it. 1 bank was dead and the previous owner tried running it and it got hot. I just replaced both batteries and the plug, no damage to the trolling motor or any boat wiring. High amperage and low voltage = bad or somethimg to that effect. Check you batteries and see what kind of charge they have or if they even will take one. Good Luck