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  1. put on a new (used) bow mount trolling motor - i helped take it off the old boat so I know the motor is good -problem is it blows the fuse. Thisis a new to me boat - a 96 ranger cherokee stick steer- my first question is the plug ranger has on it has two batteries to the plug - both the new and old motors are only 12 volt, so is the plug going to pull from 1 battery at a time? or am i getting too much juice to the battery?

    I thought with 2 batteries one would be for electronics, but when we put the new motor in found that both batteries are to the trolling motor plug only???
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    how are the batteries wired?if the motor is 12 volt,the batteries should be paralleled.that is,they should be connected + to +, and - to -.
    another possibilities are too small fuse,bad/loose connections/wire.

  3. I think it was just a small fuse, blew one when unhooking the battery and I did not look to see what got put back in.
  4. i would buy a circuit breaker in stead of having a fuse. i had trouble once with fuses blowing on one of my boats and a guy told me to try a 30amp circuit breaker instead of a fuse and that cured my troubles.
  5. that might be worth a try, last time out it popped three fuses. going to look up the manual on line to see what it says about the plug (ranger 4 pin) and see about the wiring...thanks for the info.
  6. See what size fuse/circuit breaker they recommend. Different motors may draw different current. Might be time to rewire the batteries up to the trolling motor if it is all original.
  7. would you believe after checking everything, we pulled the batteries and one of them was a starting battery and NOT a deep problems since getting a new one!