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  1. im looking for a decent trolling motor battery cheap im a poor college kid who can hardly afford diesel to put in my truck and my uncle in PA got me a trolling motor and now i gotta find a battery. thanks guys
  2. not to many batterys a cheap anymore, the price of lead has gone way up.
    I would have to say for a cheap battery get wal-mart everstart, if you fish a lot the battery probably will last a year maybe 1.5 years. they just don't seem to last very long for a lot of people. The Best battery that will last for years is an AC Delco, you can get them at a Chevy dealer but i think the are $89 and up

    my dad worked at INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER for 41 years

  3. You can get a decent trolling battery at either one for around 100 bucks
  4. got mine at auto zone ,2nd year seems to be fine .
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    Bought a pair of group 27's at Sam's Club. They were Engergizer brand, and so far have been flawless. $69/ea. made them more affordable than many in the same class.
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    I got their marine battery, and it has lasted 3 yrs trouble free.
    Paid like $69 dollars, and I wold buy another in a heart beat. Their warranty is a good one also.
  7. My Walmart's Everstart is beginning it's 3rd year and I've had no problems. I always keep it on a charger, but I've never run it down to less than 50%. I'd highly recommend one. I think it was less than $65.00 and I bought the biggest one they had.
  8. I have had 4 crown batteries for 4 years 2 in lake boat and 2 in my jon boat no problems give them a try.

  9. I think crown makes the walleye brand battery if so I have only good things to say about them.
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    bought an everstart they are bout 75 bucks now btw at walmart, ran it all day on a 55lb thrust minnkota and ran strong, only brought it down to bout 80%
  11. Get a trolling bat.deep cycle, not a starting bat. like for a car there not designed to hold a charge for a long period, deep cycle will have a longer reserve for your trolling motor and they do like to be run down and will charge up to full capacity many more times... as for price everything has gone up so shop around...