trolling motor - battery question

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  1. hi. so i'm goign to buy a $100 trolling motor from bass pro to put on the jon boats at miami whitewater and sharon woods. what kind of battery should i get? thx!
  2. freyedknot

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    walmart... deep cycle size 27 ...about $60.00

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    lots of good batteries out there,but i second the everstart from walmart.hard to beat for the money.that's all i ran on my boats.
  4. sounds good guys. thanks!
  5. Hard to beat the Everstarts from walmart. That is all I have used for several years now.
  6. If you are a member of sams club their batteries are a little cheaper than walmart and they are made by Energizer. I just picked up a could of the 29 series about a 6 weeks ago
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    gotta agree, i laughed at first when someone suggested a wal-mart battery, i have replaced all 3 of my old batterys (1 a year) with everstarts and ive had zero problems. im pleasently suprised with them. i dont even pull them in the winter, just leave em in the boat.