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  1. Anyone have any experience with the Riviera Trolling Masts? I see they have a mounting option that will fit right into my Springfield pedistal base which i was really looking for, i hate drilling holes in my boat. Any info appreciated !!
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    Big Jon also makes big board masts that fit into your seat base, this is the route I will take when I get myself into running big boards.

    You still need to secure the mast, you can adapt some ratchet straps to your front cleats off the boat, masts have tons of strain on them when pulling the boards, you need a little extra support so the mast doesn't end up shooting through your windshield, some aluminum or stainless poles attached to the front floor of your boat would be another way, you can build something so they release with pins. This is what I'm thinking that way if you sell the boat you will just have holes in your carpet not on the boat itself. I have seen alot of guys that use the seat base for masts, my personally would want some extra support expecially if it's rough.

  3. Thanks Kgone,
    I will remember your suggestion

  4. I have the Riviera with the colapsable mast and spring retrive. This is a pleasure to use compared to the standard fixed mast and crank retrieve which I had in the past. The mast is set into a bow mounted flange, easily removed. I saw Lundy's same set last year in NY lake Ontario and knew that was what I wanted.:)
  5. Great Lakes Planers also makes a planer board mast that will fit into the springfield bases. You can get the masts with the Big Jon or Big Fish Planer Board Reels too.
  6. Thanks Falcon, i will check them out also