Trolling for walleye in area reservoirs..

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  1. ... Does anybody have any luck trolling with baits besides deep diving crankbaits ? I see the worm harnesses with the little spinners or propellers in the store and wonder about those , they look more like a machine than a natural fish food. Im new to trolling in a boat and wondering what I should try. Thanks yall :)
  2. I troll for walleye about 90% of the time in the reservoirs in N.W. Ohio. I use small shallow diving crankbaits, sometimes with a small split shot in front of them and other times without, at depths of between 2'-6' deep. I do very well with this presentation in May and June and some of July. Lately, though (August/September) this presentation has provided me with only 1 walleye!) The crankbaits I use are ultralight crankbaits representing crayfish and shad. These are probably 2" to 3" long. I have never done well with the NORMAL size rapallas or wally divers for walleye in these reservoirs. In Canada, yes, but here, no. Just my experience. . . . don't really know why.

    However, when it is windy I will use lindy rigs with colorado spinners with either a worm harness or a single hook with a minnow. If it is windy enough, I will drift with these and sometimes I do really well with them. I will also catch smallmouth and catfish while trying to get the walleye with these. I believe the spinning blade sends out vibrations that the walleye picks up with their lateral line. They go to investigate and once they get within visual distance the see the live bait. I would never fish these without the bait.

    Jigs are my third choice and are probably the best walleye lure around. But, they require a lot of PATIENCE and are best used, in my opinion, once you catch a walleye trolling . . . stop, pull out the jig, and see if you haven't happened upon a school. If so, this is the best lure with bait you could use.

    Well, I don't claim that's the best way to do it but that is my 2 cents. I am open to hearing from other fishermen as well about these reservoirs. I know of one fisherman who walks the banks, throws a jig with a twister tail on it, reels it in at a fast, steady retrieve, and kills them in these reservoirs! No bait or anything! The reservoirs seem to fish differently than the natual shield lakes of the north. Why? I have no idea.

  3. In our local res. I like to use a jig with a twister tail. I toss it out and let it sink to the bottom. --Then I slowly start to retreive it, bring up the rod tip and then letting it drop. (basically bouncing it off the bottom)
    I have had good luck using thid method so far this year
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    Late spring, early summer I have luck trolling simple 3 hook crawler harnesses with long crawlers attached (or single hook harnesses with leeches). Always have luck with the crankbaits too if they're biting on the harness. Seems that speed and depth are important, relative to all the natural factors.
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    If you can't get em trolling stop and vertical jig a vibee over promising structure and you may pick some up that way. Be sure to get to the bottom with the lure.
  6. How far of shore to you usally troll. has anyone tried trolling michigan stiners or using jet divers
  7. Do you mean michigan shiners ? If so, where can you get shiners around here?
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    nope stinger spoons look them up they use them on erie