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Talking trolling for steelheads conneaut
I want to troll for steel heads at conneaut.
But have never done it before.
I troll for walleye,all the time on erie, but need help/direction on how?
I'm looking for help. Plan on taking my wife and my boy fishing for perch, then steel head. any advice, and tips will be appreciated.
I need to know what kind of lures,how deep more or less,and spoons,or stick baits. thanks guys. plan on this friday and saturday.
She doesnt lie to go out on the boat, But wants to this weekend. Hoping to show her a good time.

I troll Rocky River for steelhead. I run Little Cleos 2/5 oz k.o. wobblers, Husky jerks. This time of year with water temp at 65 you run about 2.2 to 2.7 mph. As the water gets cooler slow your speed down. Just cast the lures at a normal cast and let them run behind the boat. In the fall run the bigger sized husky jerks hj-10 - hj-14 the fish like a bigger bait this time of year. In the spring I will run hj-6 or hj-8. If I fish with two people I will run two 8.5 ft rods straight out the side & two 6 ft rods right off the back. this prevents the lines from tangling and saves a lot of grief. You don't want to tangle a spoon with another line, it creates a mess. Hope this helps.
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