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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fish4Fun, Jul 14, 2004.

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    I posted about going to alum creek and trolling for seyes. Well this was my first time and i have questions.

    Most of the guys that went with us have little or no experience trolling and we didn't have much luck.

    What depth of water should you troll?

    I also noticed that my deep diving cranks seemed to never get any deeper than around 10' as they only hit bottom when we were in 8 to 10' of water. I assume i need to buy deeper cranks or get existing ones to go deeper.

    What speed should you be trolling at?

    Anything else i should know or is there someone out there who frequents alum or hoover that would be willing to take me along one night for a trainning session.
  2. thats our fav. way to fish alum eyes. We troll the long points and like to hit the top of the points at 14- 16 ft deep.
    Th best way to tell how deep your lure is going is to bye the presise trolling books and use a line counter, but you dont have to. How deep the lure goes depends on thickness of line, how much line you have out, and how fast your going.
    Good trolling crank baits are shadraps, wally divers, hotntots, and thunder sticks(theres alot more.).Most of these baits will tap bottem in 20 ft of water with the right amount of line out.(dont be afraid to flatline 200 ft back sometimes).
    it takes practice just like any thing else. Im sure you will get some more info and im not that good of a typer so i hope this helps.

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    :D :D
    at least till you're too old and crippled to chase 'em,anyway.right bro? ;)
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    ray,i attended one of those services,and appreciated it.though though the service was quite touching and the tears in your eyes kinda saddened me,i forgot all that when i sank my teeth into those poor souls :D :p ;)
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    Ray and everyone i appreciate the info, i don't want you to had me the spot so iam not mad what you are talking about is what i wanted to know so i knew if i was on the right track with my approch. Thats what we have been discussing the guys iam going with that we need to learn the lake bottom and points so we can get on the fish not just helplessly troll around the lake in hopes of a fish. Then you can apply what you learn else were. I hardly ever keep any fish. onlyfish i have kept this year were from my trip to erie. Thanks guys i ask questions to learn not to go fish someones spot i agree with you.
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    i agree with ya ray.