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Decided to start trolling for catfish at Pymi using worm harnesses. Went out yesterday, got setup and paddled out on the north side of the causeway and setup just past the bridge +/- 50yds from the causeway and started trolling. Used a 1/2OZ weight and a fire orange harness with 1/2 a crawler on it. Didn't take long and "BANG" the fight was on!!! Took around 6 minutes to wear this catfish out to get him in the kayak.

Got him on the stringer and setup again, BANG another one in less than 10 minutes. Wasn't supposed to rain but it got dark real fast and started sprinkling so I got off the water.

I'd like to get 9/10# of catfish filets in the freezer this year and I can't think of a better way of catching them.

Too much fun!!!
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